62 million Americans listen to podcasts each week (Edison Research/Triton Digital, April 2019), and your brand can reach them through Ride Home Media's network of daily news podcasts made for busy people who want to stay current.

Our podcasts publish daily at 5pm ET, perfect for decision-makers and influencers who need to catch up on what they've missed in their space during their busy workdays.

Ads on our podcasts are voiced by the hosts, with ad load not exceeding two mid-roll spots per episode. Our hosts understand your key messages and craft stories to tell our listeners about your product or brand in their own style.

This combination of low ad load and personal delivery ensures our listeners pay attention to your message and remember what they hear.

We work with advertisers to understand performance indicators and intended outcomes for branding and direct response campaigns. We encourage advertisers to run tests across multiple episodes to keep their brand top of mind and analyze which messages and incentives resonate particularly well with our audiences.

Please contact our representatives at AdvertiseCast for more information about advertising on Ride Home Media's podcasts: sales@advertisecast.com / +1 (920) 550-8082.