The December Democratic 2020 presidential primary debate is here; get ready for round six of Election Ride Home debate bingo!

Download the Bingo Cards below and play along with your family, watch party, and other ERH listeners online while the debate airs on PBS and CNN at 8pm ET on Thursday, December 19, 2019.

December 19 Democratic Debate


  1. Print SINGLE SIDED, otherwise you'll end up with a useless card on the back of each sheet!
  2. Only print as many pages as you need. There are 30 randomized cards.


  • If you're watching the debates and a word or issue comes up that you don't recognize, please make a note of it. Tweet us your questions, or ask on Facebook.
  • We'd love to see your pics of Bingo cards or watch parties on social media. If you use the hashtag #ERHbingo we'll be sure to see them!
  • Tune in to The Election Ride Home podcast the day after each debate for a recap.
  • If Bingo is distracting you from paying attention to the actual debate, put it away.


  • Recommended scoring guidelines are at the bottom of each sheet. You get one point for every square you fill in (yes, the Freedom Square counts as a point!). If you get a line anywhere, you get an additional 5 points on top of the points you already got for filling in each of those squares. If you get an X (two diagonal full lines), that's another 10 points on top of everything else (so people with an X probably win...).
  • Feel free to use your own scoring system. What do we know about Bingo? We just run a politics podcast.
  • What you do with these scores is up to you! The goal is not so much to win, but to become acquainted with all these candidates. But winning is fun too.