New York City, NY (July 26, 2019) – The Election Ride Home, the authoritative daily news update from the 2020 U.S. election campaign trail, is hosting another round of its popular Debate Bingo, a fun way to get acquainted with the 20 remaining candidates in the Democratic field.

Players can download Debate Bingo Cards from the Election Ride Home's website at for each night of the DNC debates – Tuesday, July 30 and Thursday, July 31. Ten bingo cards are available for each night for debate watchers hosting or attending watch parties, with players invited to tweet pictures of their parties and bingo cards at #ERHbingo.

Chris Higgins, host of the Election Ride Home, said: "Election Ride Home Bingo is the best way to watch the debates—especially if you’ve got a kid, spouse, parent, or other person in the room who needs something to engage with. Hand them a bingo card and tell them what they’ll win if they get the most points. (Prizes are your problem.)

"When we did this in June, it was a delight. People on Twitter filled out the cards and celebrated as each square was filled in. We saw families playing together, friends, and plenty of solo players as well. Playing the game with Twitter gave us a sense of it being a giant debate watch party, with people around the world tuning in.

"We used the official @ElectionPodcast Twitter handle to make official calls on rules (such as, “did this word count for this space”) and call out when certain cards had a winning line. It was easy to communicate because we used the hashtag #ERHbingo, and players could just follow that hashtag to see what was happening.

"Last time, we saw a surprising number of pets (mainly dogs) “playing,” though most of them did not win.

"On Tuesday and Wednesday night, if you want the full Democratic Primary Debate experience, you need Election Ride Home Bingo. Fortunately, it’s free.

"And if you want to learn about the candidates and the day’s election news, tune into the Election Ride Home every day, Monday through Friday. It’s also free, but there are fewer prizes."


Sample bingo card for Tuesday, July 30
Sample bingo card for Wednesday, July 31

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