iPhone 12 Pro pre-orders start on October 16, shipping on October 23, while iPhone 12 Pro Max pre-orders begin November 6, shipping on November 13

So, I definitely need to pick up some bits and pieces from the iPhone event yesterday. I know I tried to explain that the pre-order and delivery dates were weird, but let me clarify because I might have gotten it wrong. iPhone 12 Pro pre-orders start this Friday, October 16, shipping on October 23rd. But 12 Pro Max pre-orders aren’t until November 6, and shipping November 13. Same thing with the cheaper smaller pair. Pre-orders for iPhone 12 begin Friday, October 16, with availability beginning Friday, October 23. iPhone 12 mini will be available for pre-order beginning Friday, November 6, and in stores beginning Friday, November 13.

Also, this is an interesting bit of clarification that trickled out. Support for high-frequency mmWave 5G bands in the iPhone 12 lineup is limited to models sold in the US, with models sold outside the US limited to sub-6GHz bands.

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Zoom launches events platform and marketplace, adds 'Zapps' to calls

Why let others build on top of your product when you can turn it into a platform and own the playing field and turnstiles for yourself? Zoom has launched an events platform and marketplace. In other words, get ready for some apps to help you with your Zoom calls.

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“DeFi” replaces “blockchain” as the must-have crypto moniker, leading to rebranding efforts as Tron, EOS, and other project say they are part of DeFi movement

Bloomberg has a piece up about how DeFi has replaced the term blockchain as the must-have moniker if you’re in the crypto space. DeFi is so hot that projects like Tron, EOS and others are hastily rebranding themselves to claim a piece of the DeFi action.

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Dropbox says it will be a “virtual first” company and will set up “Dropbox Studios” in SF, Seattle, Austin, and Dublin for employees to meet in-person

Keeping an eye on the unbundling of the tech office trend, Dropbox says it will be a “virtual first” company and in lieu of traditional offices, will set up what it is calling Dropbox Studios in San Francisco, Seattle, Austin and Dublin for when employees want or need to meet in-person. Sign of things to come?

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WordPress debuts a new tool that can take blog posts, including accompanying images and videos, and post them as Twitter threads automatically

Wordpress has launched a new tool that would have been killer 10 years ago, and frankly, would be useful for a lot of the people I follow even today. The tool lets you take blog posts, including accompanying images and videos, and post them as twitter threads automatically.

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