First, sources were telling Bloomberg that President Trump indeed is planning to sign an order directing China’s ByteDance to divest its ownership of TikTok.

Now, here’s where it gets juicier. The New York Times was reporting that Microsoft is in talks to acquire TikTok. The Times said it was unclear how advanced the talks were. Now, someone buying TikTok feels like it’s pretty nailed on at this point. It’s either sell or get shut out of America its looking like. Maybe it will end up being those American investors. And of the big tech companies, Microsoft is maybe the only one that could acquire TikTok and not face regulatory scrutiny. Facebook certainly can’t buy it, for that reason.

But then… Microsoft? Yes, they do have a social network of sorts with LinkedIn but… Microsoft? TikTok? Teen social media? None of this computes, right? Like, I can’t see how this would fit well into their existing business, but maybe it’s a thing of, a major social network becoming available doesn’t happen every day, and maybe Microsoft can’t pass up the opportunity to immediately become a major player. And also, look, this is a way for Microsoft to have some sort of presence in mobile beyond just, office apps.

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