Microsoft unveils $549 Surface Laptop Go with a smaller 12.4-inch display, 10th-gen Intel Core i5, in three models, available for preorder today to ship Oct 13

Microsoft this morning took the wrapping off a new Surface Laptop Go with a smaller 12.4 inch display, 10th-gen Intel Core i5 processors. Actually, there are three different models here, but they’re available for preorder today, and shipping October 13. The headline here is that it starts at just $549, thereby making this the one of the lowest cost Surface devices yet, only bested in cheapness by the $399 Surface Go 2. The target here is people who are Chromebook curious.

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Microsoft updates the Surface Pro X with a faster SQ2 processor and a new silvery platinum color, starting at $1,500

Real quick cause this isn’t that big an update. But Microsoft also updated the Surface Pro X with a faster SQ2 processor and a new silvery platinum color, starting at $1500. You might remember the Surface Pro X as Microsoft’s laptop with an Arm processor.

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Google to pay publishers $1B+ through 2023 to create and curate high-quality journalism for the new Google News Showcase, starting in Germany and Brazil

Google is planning to spend more than $1 billion, through 2023, to actually pay publishers to create high-quality journalism through what it is calling the Google News Showcase.

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Google is rolling out an updated Google Photos editor on Android with a Suggestions tab, recommending edits like Color Pop and Enhance

One thing I missed yesterday in the scrum of Google news generally? Google also rolled out an updated Google Photos editor on Android that a lot of people were pretty jazzed about because it will actually recommend edits for you. Basically, it's an editor powered by machine learning.

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Google's Chromecast with Google TV won't support Stadia, its game streaming service, or Apple TV+ at launch; Stadia support will arrive in first half of 2021

Also, note this. You know that new Google Chromecast with Google TV that got pride of place in yesterday’s announcement? Yeah. It won’t support Stadia until sometime in the first half of 2021. It also won’t support Apple TV+ either, but, it’s that Stadia support, or lack thereof, that is really, really raising eyebrows.

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Palantir closed at $9.50 following its direct listing on the NYSE, after opening at $10, giving it a market cap of roughly $20.9B

I did want to make note of the fact that Palantir did do its direct listing yesterday, debuting on the NYSE at $10 a share, before closing at $9.50. So… they… did not blow the doors off the place, a la Snowflake. We might have more on Palantir for the weekend longreads.

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A designer shares how he generated $100K+ selling custom app icon sets via a simple website when iPhone home screen customization exploded after iOS 14 release

Finally today, this is the stuff of developer dreams. A developer, who I’ve only been able to identify as @traf on twitter, shared a blog post outlining how he generated more than $100,000 in just six days (so, six figures in six days) merely by selling custom app icon sets as the iPhone home screen customization craze exploded with the release of iOS14.

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