Techmeme Ride Home

Compelling Current and Cogent

As a technology executive and tech enthusiast just, Techmeme Ride Home is the one podcast I make sure I listen to every single weekday every week.

There are a variety of tech podcasts out there but I find this one to really be one of the absolute best. Technology has integrated into all aspects of our life and I think Brian does an excellent job of communicating that in the right context. Sure he’s got gadgets reviews but he’s also got the aspect of companies and their strategies and how they are transforming marketplaces and how those transformations drift over from just a tech business to the broader world because they’re having increasing impact on our daily life as well as the political climate we find ourselves in. Making sense of all of that in a cogent and concise manner is not an easy thing to do and Brian has done an excellent job of it.

Highly recommend and well worth listening to.

Nov. 9, 2020 by sikerr on Apple Podcasts

Techmeme Ride Home