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Dec. 7, 2021

Tue. 12/07 – Tim Cook’s Secret China Deal?

The Information has a story about a secret deal Apple struck that really solidifies Tim Cook as the China whisperer. Intel proves…

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Dec. 6, 2021

Mon. 12/06 – DoorDash Tries Something Radical: Employees

DoorDash tests a wildly new business model. Apple launches a Winter War in Russia. Two stories of US telecom companies doing what…

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Dec. 4, 2021

(TWTR SPC) Jack Dorsey, Halo Infinite And Foldable Phones

Mulling over the whole legacy of Jack Dorsey and name changes for tech companies in general. The weird way gaming is changing rig…

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Dec. 3, 2021

Fri. 12/03 – Acquisition Deathwatch: Nvidia/Arm

Another tech deal goes on a deathwatch, but this time it’s Nvidia and Arm, and this time I think it’s for real. Google is probabl…

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Dec. 2, 2021

Thu. 12/02 – Square Changes Its Name To Block

Square changes its name to Block. Apple is hinting at unexpectedly weak iPhone demand. TikTok adds monetization tools. How many p…

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Dec. 1, 2021

Wed. 12/01 – Twitter Bans “Private” Sharing

Twitter bans “private” sharing, but there’s some confusion about what that actually means. A big executive departure throws more …

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Nov. 30, 2021

Tue. 11/30 – Meta Might Do The Giphy Deal Anyway

The UK quashes the Giphy acquisition, but is it actually dead? Maybe not. Was Cyber Monday a bit of a disappointment this year? W…

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Nov. 29, 2021

Mon. 11/29 – Jack Dorsey To Leave Twitter?

Jack Dorsey is reportedly about to be a one company CEO if he steps down from Twitter. The acquisition of Giphy is on life suppor…

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Nov. 24, 2021

(TWTR SPC) That Feeling When You Almost Buy The Constitution

The legendary analyst Benedict Evans @benedictevans comes on to discuss this essay about the state of the Metaverse right now. Th…

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Nov. 23, 2021

Tue. 11/23 – How To Automate Your(self out of a?) Job

Italy has fined Amazon and Apple for alleged collusion. Tile taps out by getting acquired. Niantic is an interesting metaverse ra…

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Nov. 22, 2021

Mon. 11/22 – Adele Says: Spotify, No Shuffling!

When Adele says jump, Spotify apparently says how high? Is Apple Watch slipping in market share? All the crypto miners who fled C…

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Nov. 19, 2021

Fri. 11/19 – ConstitutionDAO Lost The Auction For The Constitution.

ConstitutionDAO lost the auction for the Constitution. But it was really about the friends we made along the way, right? More App…

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Nov. 18, 2021

Thu. 11/18 – So… Who Actually “Takes Delivery” Of The Constitution?

Paytm has a rough IPO. Nvidia has another in a long line of crushed earnings reports. Grammarly is an interesting raise. Twitter …

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Nov. 17, 2021

Wed. 11/17 – Apple Will Let You Do At-Home iPhone Repairs, Yourself

Hell freezes slightly over. Apple is gonna let you repair your own devices, at home, yourself. The Staples Center goes crypto. Me…

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