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A Great Tech Round-Up

Brian does a fantastic job of keeping me up-to-date with the essential tech news. Don’t know how I’d be keeping up with it all without this show!

Short and Sweet :-)

Well written and informative, I could not imagine staying in the know without it.

Thanks Brian!

This host does a great job at bringing the show’s audience all the latest tech news. Quality production, keep it up!

Pronouncing Chinese names correctly, please!!!

I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts daily, for many years. Enjoy it all, except when you mentioned any Chinese tech companies or executives’ name, that is. It’s excruciatingly incorrect and appalling whenever you confront ‘X’ or ‘Y’. Xiaomi, Xi Jinping, Eric Yuan, Jerry Yang, and numerous examples. Please please please, if you can’t quiet master mandarine, how about just saying it in the most simplified (but close) way by pronouncing ‘x’ as ‘s’ in ‘sea’ and ‘y’ as in ‘yellow’? Thank you for all your other relentless, complete research for a daily comprehensive, enjoyable coverage!

Best tech show

Easily the best tech news podcast

Personable and informative, great daily pod

Thanks Brian for doing this! Also go English soccer!

Best source for tech news

If you can only listen to one podcast forever, listen to this! Endless insights for devs, users, entrepreneurs, investors etc.

My Daily Update

I try to avoid the morning news browsing cycle I have always ends up in procrastination. This podcast is a fantastic summary of the previous days tech news I can consume on my morning walk. Highly recommended.

Technology news best podcast

I listen to this podcast everyday. Is the best way to know more about what is going on in the tech word in general. Perfect for tech lovers and also for investors who want to know their next move.

Precise tech news without any bias

I have been following the podcast for last 2 years and it keeps me related to tech news and somehow confirm my tech stocks buying strategies. I like its length as i can listen it everyday, any longer would kill my daily listening skill.

Great news.

I listen daily and am a premium subscriber. I’ve even advertised. Great show!

Great Daily Tech Shiw

I listen to this everyday One of my primary resources for tech news

Never miss an episode!

I’ve been listening to Brian since the beginning and can’t live without my daily dose of tech news. His ability to curate exactly what’s relevant with just the right amount of commentary is priceless, which is why it’s amazing that we get this for free! 🙏🏼

Brian's show does exactly what it promises: catches me up on all the relevant tech news that happened in the prior 24 hours. It's timely, just the right length, and keeps me well informed without forcing me to sift through a dozen tech sources each day.

Neutral and Enthusiastic

Use this to introduce students to podcasting in the community college where I teach.

I almost never miss an episode

This podcast is entertaining and informative with a great cadence. It’s not too short and not too long. A must subscribe for any tech enthusiast.


Great info everyday!! Keep it up!

Highly recommend!

Short, insightful, and information-rich!

Best tech news show out there

What else can I say? Hits the right stories, very thoughtful analysis, perfect tech news show.

Top source for Tech News

If you need a concise breakdown of the day's technology news, this is it! While there are some excellent daily tech news podcasts out there that explore stories in more detail, usually with lots of opinions...this podcast gets right to the stories that matter most. And the host (Brian) will pull in different points of view to each story, bringing more context and though, versus opinions and rants. In the 16 years of listening to various podcasts, I never skip this one.

An open door to tech news

Brian does an excellent job of whipping up fresh content you can’t find elsewhere. The unique blend he publishes is interesting for newbies, wannabes, and weathered Silicon Valley types alike - and he’s easy to listen to too! Tech Meme Ride Home is not overly complex, overly long, or overly fluffy. I don’t like to waste my time so this has been the tech industry podcast for me. I’m really excited to see Brian expand into other formats of conversation and deep dives so I’m now a premium member. I highly recommend it!

Great host, guests, content... everything

I love this podcast. I have listened from day one and cannot imagine it not being a part of my afternoon. I have been a daily Techmeme reader for almost 15 years, and I know if I am out of the “river” that day, Brian will have me covered.

Great podcast

Great daily listen.

My Top Daily Priority

Been listening for about 6-months. I listen to a lot of podcasts, but Techmeme Ride Home is my top daily priority. Informative, unbiased, and to the point. Keep up the excellent work!

Compelling Current and Cogent

As a technology executive and tech enthusiast just, Techmeme Ride Home is the one podcast I make sure I listen to every single weekday every week. There are a variety of tech podcasts out there but I find this one to really be one of the absolute best. Technology has integrated into all aspects of our life and I think Brian does an excellent job of communicating that in the right context. Sure he’s got gadgets reviews but he’s also got the aspect of companies and their strategies and how they are transforming marketplaces and how those transformations drift over from just a tech business to the broader world because they’re having increasing impact on our daily life as well as the political climate we find ourselves in. Making sense of all of that in a cogent and concise manner is not an easy thing to do and Brian has done an excellent job of it. Highly recommend and well worth listening to.

Daily comfort

Brian is a great host. He’s completely politically impartial, which is difficult to find these days. He also has a great podcasting voice: if there is a stand-in, I literally get disconcerted because I don’t hear Brian. He’s also a master at distilling down the important stuff and giving you a concise, smart 20 mins of tech news. I can’t recommend this podcast enough.

Great Tech Podcast

Listen daily and really enjoy it

Great Tech Info

Definitely a must listen for anyone that wants a regular update of the broad tech sector.

#1 Tech News Podcast

Really awesome daily podcast. Best tech news podcast. Srsly worth a listen. I love it! Great host, great content :)!

Perfect Tech Wrapup Podcast

Love the content Love your editorial voice Love your personality Love your speaking voice Love that you stick to 20 minutes Keep on keeping’ on!

Always on top of the news cycle

I first found out about this podcast when I was searching for news about Grubhub, since I was considering the role at the company. Bryan’s breaking news about the company helped me make a final call. I may not be working at mentioned company, but I’m listening Ridehome every day since.

Best Tech Podcast. Double plus plus.

Whether you are in the tech industry or just a casual encounter, you’ll never look back after you plug in. Each episode is well researched, perfectly distilled, and thoughtfully presented. Easily my most listened to podcast. If you know how many milliamp hours your phone or laptop has, and you don’t know about this podcast you’ve been breathing through a straw. (This podcast is deservingly higher rated than the WSJ’s tech podcast.)

It’s great, really

Started listening back in May and haven’t missed a single episode since. It’s great, give it a listen.

Great podcast

I listen everyday. You can tell the host is passionate about the show and put in a lot of effort. Great show!

All the tech news you need, summarized and delivered daily

I listen to every. Single. Episode of the Techmeme Ride Home. It's that good. It's also hire I became the show's Ombudsman! But that doesn't mean I'm biased! On the contrary — if I wasn't such a fan of the show's consistency, you think I would have volunteered? Exactly.

Must read ride home

I love to listen on the way home. Keeps me up to date in tech news!!! Fast facts

Short summary of the news in tech world

I’ve been listening to the podcast for over a year now. It started when we all had busy lives with commute. Finding time to read the news is a luxury to me, so I found this podcast to get up to date during the commute time. It helped me to start conversations at work or with the customers. Now during COVID-19 times it keeps me connected to the world. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in tech news.

A perfect addition to my day

I am ashamed it took me this long to write a review. I can’t live without this podcast. Brian is great at what he does. The world is moving too fast to not keep up with what’s new in order to fully enjoy the times. Thanks Brian!

Hands down best tech podcast

Best daily tech podcast


Great daily news update for the Tech world.

Get it!

I like it a lot - it’s on my rotation. I like my headlines curated and this one delivers. Thank you Brian!

Brian Brings It

I’m not a “techie” but I know how important technology is, and needing to know just how, or how much of that influences ‘Us’. Brian delivers with all of us in mind, and I appreciate that.

Tech meme Ride Home

Excellent. Informative.

Very good and informative

“Quote ..... and end Quote”


Your podcast is cool. But you can make it much better(no need to mention and repeat the "quote"word, please try to keep your daily news within 15minutes, 10 is the best.), "Erica Mandy" news is absolutely very good, but not good for me at this time. :))

Love it!

Love it!

Great show

A great podcast for staying up-to-date on the daily tag notice. The commentary and backstory to go along with it can’t be found anywhere else. Keep up the great work.

“Worth a listen end quote

Great daily tech podcast that looks too dig deeper than what you might read on Twitter or through other news sources. Great analysis and long reads. Sometimes a bit too much snark unless I like it.

Love it

Love listening to this podcast. I'll typically listen the morning after.

Just what I wanted

Straight news with concise commentary. I’m here because if ATP podcast.

Part of my daily routine.

Worth every minute of my listen time

Well produced, must have, show that covers current and diverse set of technology news, worth every minute of your listening time. Brian is an engaging host.

A must for anyone interested in tech

The main source for all my technology news. Great host and interesting stories

Great for ride to work as well

Engaging, current, well written, and well produced.

Great for daily tech news

Well done tech podcast that feeds nicely into my busy schedule. Brian does a great job at bringing up the points to pay attention to and his recommendations are on point.

Great podcast to listen while driving

It's a perfect podcast to hear all the tech news on a weekday while driving! Getting all these news that I don't need to check social media for these news! Highly recommend!

My Go-To Podcast for Tech News

Brian provides the quickest rundown of today’s tech news, adding valuable input and quips when needed. The weekend long reads and special episodes are always a bonus and bring good variety to the show. Our entire team at work listens in on the daily. Candidly, if Brian leaves the podcast and brings in a guest host, I tend to cringe for 20 minutes while listening, or skip the episode altogether. That’s how good Brian is. Don’t do that again, Brian. Thank you.

Great way to keep up with what’s up

Worth my 20 minutes every day. Also enjoy the weekend bonus episodes, and the long reads. Thanks for the updates and suggestions!

Great podcast

Quick and informative

Just the right amount

Love this podcast. Gives the listener a quick taste of what’s happening in the tech world. Not too long, not too short.

My daily download dosage

I love the fast pace tech news format. As a 47 year old Gen Xer that works in technology, I like the “headline news” feel I get with this bit of daily info. Thanks for the great work and keep up the fantastic job!!!

Quick, informative and to the point

I listen every day. The days tech news shrunken down to 20 minutes for when you don't have 2+ hours to listen to TWIT. Also my son loves the intro music!!

Great way to end your day!

I always look forward to hearing the latest in tech at the end of my work day. I particularly like the weekend long reads and interviews. Diffidently recommend listening!

This has become a must listen!

The ride home podcast keeps me up to date on all of the top news in an efficient quick briefing. Excellent show.

The Best Way to Stay Informed

For those of us on the go or who don’t want to spend hours reading every day, the ride home is a the perfect way to stay informed on all the latest tech news.

End my day with this M-F

Witty, enjoyable, informative. One of my favorite things at the end of the day is popping on the latest episode before I head home from work!

Terrific podcast

Tight and informative. This podcast is well worth adding to the daily rotation

Excellent show, love the content and the delivery

Great show if you're looking for a quick update on the latest news in Tech. Think of it like The Daily but for Tech (and with fewer hmmmmms).

One of the most valuable sources of information

The Techmeme Ride Home is one of the most valuable sources of information I tap into everyday -- and it's one of the few I look forward to. Great daily summaries. Friday long-read recommendations are always interesting. And bonus episode interviews #thumbsup.

Great info in a shorter length podcast

Host has a good sense of humor and provides great info in a shorter length podcast. Appreciate your work and how much fun you make it

quick and informative

I like the format, no bs filler and straight to the point. This and marketplace are my go-to for unwinding at the end of the day.

Amazing daily tech news roundup

I’ve been listening to this pod since it’s launch. It has only gotten better every day. I pay for the no ad version. Love this pod.

Cool ride home technology podcast

I start my day with MacOSKen and end my day with this podcast. Very informative on technology everywhere.

Never miss an episode

I literally check everyday when the episode drops to listen to it.. such amazing insights and news I don’t necessarily find in other tech podcasts

Best daily tech news

Brian does a great job knowing everything thats going on and filtering the news into a fast moving and enjoyable show. Thanks Brian!

The Man Who Could Have Been Bill Gates 1 & 2

Good stuff! More peopel need to listen to his episodes to truly understand the roots of the PC industry.

Great way to end the day

I love listening to this podcast to unwind from a busy day and get a quick update on the tech world.

Great pod!

Gotta love it! Still need some polishing on the weekend interviews. Keep up the great work!

Great stuff

I always appreciate his take the tech industry. This makes my drive home from work something to look forward to.

Great way to catch up on today’s tech news

I started listening to this podcast about a month ago and it has quickly become my drive home listen. Every day I look forward to hearing Brian’s take on today’s tech news. He tends to hit all the important news along with catching the small but interesting stuff. If you like tech and have 25 minutes wasted in transit each day where all you can do is listen, this podcast is a must.

My daily tech catch up

I am not in tech but love following tech news. Brian’s podcast is my daily vice. It’s in my not-not-be-missed category and an inherent part of my otherwise dull commute. Love new addition of weekend interviews as well. Overall it’s a great combination of news, opinions/takes and occasional tech rumors.

Great tech news podcast

Continues to have the hallmarks of a great tech news podcast. It covers relevant news, is interesting and provides suitable depth on tech topics. Compared to numerous other tech podcasts, there is not too much fluff and chitchat. Also the tech research is not too shallow.

Enjoyable, Even For The Casual Listener

I am not in the industry. I just enjoy technology. This podcast keeps me up to date in an entertaining fashion. The host has a pleasant voice and just the right personality to keep it flowing fast with just the right amount of humor. It is ad supported, but now there is a ‘pay for ad free’ option. That flexibility is great. The only downside is that the new weekend interviews just do not keep my interest, but others may find them interesting. Keep up the great work.

Great Podcast with a great wrap-up of the days events

Great topics and excellent daily updates. Yes, this version is supports by a few ads in the middle but they are clearly called out “this podcast is brought to you by...” and skippable. A perfect end of day wrap-up of latest tech news. Nice work @brianmcc @ccschwab

Techmeme ride home is the podcast you don’t want to miss!

People think I happen to be smart about technology. I just happen to listen to tech meme to keep up with tech! And I can use the information I gather to make my own podcast “iGageit” to tell the information in a new way. If I got paid to stop listening to tech meme I would turn it down flat. End Quote.

I wish

I wish I had known about this earlier!! Such a great podcast, loaded with information, knowledge, and recapping of the days tech news. If you're not one to scoure the web for articles and want it all nicely packaged like I do; this podcast is perfect!

A Great Resource for staying up to date with tech

I started to listen to Techmeme Ride Home several months ago and it quickly became one of my not-to-be-missed podcasts. With a mix of humor, intelligence and research, Brian provides a very thorough daily update on what has been happening in the world of tech, and provides it in a very efficient and compact package. Highly recommended. Check it out, you won’t be sorry.

News AND analysis

This is the best daily tech news I’ve found. Not only do you get all the news if the day, the host is knowledgeable and provides keen analysis and perspective on the latest goings-on. Just listen. It’s great.

Great round up eveyday!!

Being a college student and soon to be working everyday it is hard sometimes to find out what happened today in the world of tech and whats important. This is the best podcast I have found to get that summary for each day. I love how he summarizes everything and makes sure not to miss the big points. In addition I love the length. It is perfect not too long not to short just quick and brief with links of anything I want to follow up on! What a great news source! Subscribe now!

Always something interesting

Brian always has something interesting to report, and often throws in a little snarky commentary to go with it. For someone who’s been in corporate IT for a long time it’s fun to hear how someone who’s been a tech entrepreneur views the industry. The podcast gives me a much broader view of the technology world that I get sitting behind my desk talking to Dell and Cisco rep’s.

Just pure tech reporting and to the point

This is the perfect summary for tech lovers. It to long and not too short and brings you the highlights of the day or important news in tech that is relevant for anyone to know, not just tech lover and enthusiasts. A must listen!!

It’s the knowledge of Tech history that makes the difference

Brian’s curation of what is and what is not important makes his daily roundup the most efficient way to keep up its technology. His great knowledge and long history of involvement in the tech world and his honest no BS delivery is valuable in distinguishing between so many tech podcasts competing for attention.

Beat tech podcast out there!

After reading Brian’s book “How the Internet Happened,” I stumbled across his podcast. Long story short, I am now an avid listener! This is the best short form summary of today in tech - bar none. In addition, the embedded links, especially the long reads each Friday, are invaluable. Keep up the great work, Brian!

Solid Daily Listen!

I discovered Techmeme Ride Home several months ago, and it has decisively established itself as one of the very few podcasts that I listen to every day without fail. Brian seamlessly integrates the day's most relevant tech news along with the material business context & implications to bring it all together. The result is a solid one-stop shop for anyone looking to quickly and effortlessly maintain the informed perspective needed to successfully navigate and intelligently converse about what matters most in the world of business and technology today! Subscribe! Subscribe!

Excellent summary and analysis for those in tech

Brian’s TMRH is a can’t-miss podcast for me. I enjoy the personal tone and analysis that he brings to the tech highlights every day. Also, over time, you start to pick up on larger bets and themes that he comments on across weeks and months and new developments in certain spaces. So, it’s not just the daily update but a deep and thoughtful education over time. Lastly, I emailed him some gentle inclusivity feedback on a few language habits and he not only made changes but wrote me back in a sincerely grateful way. Good guy and great pod.


The breadth, tone, topics & length is perfect for me. Five thumbs up!

I look forward to my daily dose of tech

I have been meaning to write a review for this pod for a while now (and not because I wanted to be #300.) I first stumbled across Brian while listening to the TWIT network, and decided to give his podcast a try. I’m not actually in the industry, just a tech fan. I find Brian’s reporting very informative with just enough wit and personal anecdotes to make me look forward to listening everyday. My only complaint with the podcast is that its not an hour long, so it would last as long as my actual ride home.

Killin it! Perfect length recap of the days tech news.

Perfect way to end the day and hear about the tech industry. I look forward to this podcast every day!


Thank you for the excellent and and concise way that you present tech news.

A great podcast for a laugh or twelve from Clue and Karole

Great NO Tech -( about tech related headlines from around the world). I laugh so much because Karole and Clue make fun banter throughout the podcast. Plus I love their British accents !

Great daily listen

Has quickly become a daily listen for me, I tee it up first thing in the morning from Europe. Good insights adding context to the days tech news. Well done.

Quick, Impactful Information!

This Podcast gives a very quick and concise update on important technology issues and players. Not complicated financial data, but more a layman's way to know what is now and what is on the horizon in technology. Love the tone of non-favoring of any particular technologies or platforms.

Excelent wrap up of daily tech news

Brian curates tech-related news from relevant sources and pulls them through unbiased standpoint to create perfectly sized bites of daily goodness. His long reads suggestions always delight!

Deadpan Greatness

Love Brian’s deadpan and at times slightly sarcastic tone during the pod. Also GREAT unbiased info from the world of tech!

Great tech news recap

This is the only podcast you need to listen to to be in the know in the world of tech news.

Great pod 09/11

Especially enjoyed your aggregation and analysis of the Mark Zuckerberg piece; your comments around the references to the Roman Empire made me smile and the sentence that started with “at least read the book entitled...” made me actually laugh out laud. Thanks for bringing your and others’ critical analysis to an easy to consume channel. @brianmcc

Love It!

This is my very most favorite podcast. Thanks for being awesome!

Great podcast!

A great evening wrap up of tech news for the day. I keep up with the TechMeme website during the day, but I still make sure I listen to this podcast at the end of the day on my walk home from work. Just the right length and amount news depth.

Great Podcast

Love the podcast which makes my hour commute easier every day. The commentary could be lighter, especially in a podcast that is trying to fast forward through the day’s events as quickly as possible, but overall the content is what I’m looking for. Keep it up!

Must listen

Love the show and have made it part of my daily routine. It is such a fantastic way of catching up with tech news in a short period of time.


Great updates splashed with some witty deadpan humor.

Great source for daily tech news!

Brian does a wonderful job!

Never missed an episode

Good alternative to stay up-to-date on tech news when I am not able to keep up with all the stories on Techmeme.

Top Quality Semi-Objective Tech Reporting

Brian is a great host and deliverer of tech industry news in a 90%+ objective format. When he does give an opinion, it’s clearly denoted and often insightful. I recommend Techmeme to all of my software engineering peers. Would give 6 stars, but he refuses to enunciate “gif” in a way that doesn’t cause involuntary muscle reactions amongst those that can remember compuserve ;)

Great source for daily tech updates!!!

First sorry for the one star and two star ranks, previous to this review. This is my first ever review of a podcast. I misunderstood how it worked on Apple podcast. I look forward to my commute home everyday and listening to your podcast. Keep up the good work! Hopefully this review puts you over 200.

Nice efficient way to get updated on your commute

I discovered this podcast 2 months ago and enjoy the nice, tight summary of the relevant tech news. I also appreciate the "long read" suggestions on Friday. Tech Meme Ride Home has become a necessary staple of my daily audio routine. Thanks

Great EOD

As I now find myself in meetings more and more I’ve grown to love listening in the evening to see what I might have missed. Enjoy it.

The podcast I never miss

Best tech podcast there is.

if job == tech : subscribeNow()

Each day, there’s an overwhelming amount of tech news. Thankfully Brian (and the Techmeme team) synthesizes it all into a daily podcast. By subscribing, I get a synopsis of what’s happening in the industry and insights into emerging trends. This is my go-to podcast to stay up to date in the world of tech.

Best ride home

Brian makes the daily ride home great!! Love the podcast.

Fantastic. A great way to get the tech news at the end of the day

I listen to tech podcasts, and brian is a great end of the day. I am in California, so I get it at 3pm, not quite the end of my day, but I hole it until I leave work. A great drive home

The perfect end to the day in tech.

Okay, nobody seems to want to be review #199, so I’ll take one for the team. I have only a handful of must-listen podcasts, and when the TechMeme Ride Home comes out, I interrupt anything else I’m listening to. Brian is the voice I want reading me the day’s tech news: industry veteran, true enthusiast but never overexcited, with a reserved, dry wit — often distilled to a surgically-targeted witheringg inflection at the very end of a quoted press release — that cuts concisely through the corporate hype. And he maintains a running context from episode to episode as stories unfold over time, weaving an ongoing narrative from the inter-tangled threads of the tech world. The Ride Home will save you hours of sifting through the haystack of the day’s tech stories, and give you hours’ worth of weekend reading suggestions if you feel like catching up with the week’s best long-form tech journalism. I never miss an episode. Once you give it a listen, I don’t think you’ll want to either.

Great Show

Very informative! It keeps me up to date on the Technology and Financial worlds which are very important to me! Keep up the hard work!

Best. Tech. Podcast. Ever.

I have listened to a bunch of tech podcasts over the last 13 years, but this one is perfect - on point with best news of the day, well-written, well-edited, and the host is a smart and relatable. Keep this going forever!!!

Enjoyable Summary

This is a great and fun way to get a recap of the tech news each day. I love getting new content at the end of the work day. Something tells me I won't be reviewer #200.

Good stuff

Fantastic weekday update on all things tech. In a recent conversation with my spouse, I mentioned Jeff Bezos and my husband made a comment about how impressed he was with my industry knowledge. He asked did you get that from your tech podcast. My response, Yes!

The best way catch up on tech news

This is the best podcast to catch up on tech related news on my commute home! I really enjoy the neutral story summaries and the long read suggestions.

Great for the Ride Home or any delivery I take.

I’m a delivery driver for a living. Instead of music that gets stuck in my head, I listen to spoken word content. I’m always looking around 5pm est. for TMRH. Want to know what I missed while I was on the rode.

Great for my drive home!

Always delivering a nice view of the day's stories in tech.

Every Day

Daily along with Mac OS Ken.

Top Priority Podcast

This is my favorite show to stay on top of technology news - concise with no fluff.


Tons of valuable info, keep it up!

Go To Source

Brian’s synopsis and perspective are a big part of why this is a go-to, daily news source for me. I mean...he even tells you when “you should definitely read” one of the stories he quotes from.

Great, quick tech hits

I first heard Brian on TWiT and Leo recommended the podcast. I've been a listener since then. It's a quick hit of what's going on in the tech world. Very informative and Brian is a great host.

Love it!

Techmeme Ride Home quickly made it into my daily routine. I also love how they keep it short.

Great show but..

This is a great show and I enjoy to listen to it while driving home but sometimes it is really annoying to hear about the same companies over and over (Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Fa...). I wish to hear more coverage of other companies.

Brian spits hot fire

Who are the 5 best podcasters of all time? Think about it. 1. Brian 2. Brian 3. Brian 4. Brian 5. Brian 🔥🔥🔥

Pure Gold!

This is amazing. No better way that finish off the day (started with Stephen Hackett’s Subnet). I feel well informed and well entertained. And always looking forward to the next episode. And Glenn Fleishman sitting in for Brian was just great (“…Marco Arment, former employee of mine” Hahahaha). Absolutely loving it


Brian, completely appreciate the quick flash of tech news every day. This is a great podcast! Thank you!

Highly Informative

The first listen on my commute home.

Concise, Direct, Personal

Host Brian McCullough does a fantastic job EVERY DAY, covering and contextualizing the top stories in tech. I love his voice, his style, and his take on events and their impacts.

New Favorite podcast

Simple to the point but not taking itself too seriously. Excellent!!

Ridehome is essential for staying in the know

Techmeme ride home is an essential pod for staying in-the-know with the tech industry - from investment opportunity, consumer device news, industry leader antics, etc I look forward to listening to this every day: plus, everyone I've recommended this podcast to has begun listening daily, too. Subscribe! It's great content ✨✨👌

Well Done Pod!

I was introduced to this via MacOSKen and have been enjoying it. Please keep up with the excellent news, tips, and talk!


You should make this your “go-to” if you have not yet already. This is a top-notch resource waiting for you, daily.

Daily consumption

Quick & easy way to consume latest tech headlines.

Great show!

Well structured and to-the-point update on what’s going on the tech world. Makes my commute much more enjoyable

Best news source in tech

Love the website, the podcast, and the new email newsletter. Keep up the great work.


Brian does an amazing job and this is the best way to stay ahead of tech trends.

Great High Level Stories

Love this podcast. Great daily overviews and love the weekend long read recos. I listen every day on my way from work!

Interesting content; monotone host...

Great content, but I find it hard to get past the host's rather metronomic delivery. Sorry, I don't want to be unkind, but for me, the semi-drone style of delivery makes me wish I could just read a transcript instead. There was a guest host today who had a more engaging style--give this fellow more air time please!!!

So useful

This podcast does such a great job clearly explaining complex issues and context behind the latest tech headlines. Thank you!!

Informative and concise

Really easy to listen to. Each episode is about 15 minutes long and covers various stories. And there’s even links in the show notes if you want to read more about a particular story.

Now a daily routine

I’ve been waiting for a podcast like this - Brian is a wonderful host and engaging speaker for this daily tech rollup. This is a no brainer if you have any kind of commute. Keep up the great work Brian!

Well done!

Heard about this from ATP and am happy to have it added to my long drive home. Has be come one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. A nice and quick summary of top tech news for the day. Excellent job and keep it up.

Top notch

Seriously. Best daily tech summary. Quick, smart, sharp, just a whiff of snark, no extra fluff. Much respect.

Tech headlines for your ride home

I work in the tech industry and constantly keeping up on market news. The Tech Meme Ride Home is perfect for my drive home from work to get a snapshot of the days tech news. I highly recommend listening daily.

Great short podcast

Cherry picked stories from one of the best aggregators on the web.

Has become the one podcast I always hear

I do listen to quite a few podcasts, but this quick overview of tech news really does the job for me.

Nice round up of daily tech news

This has become my go to podcast for my drive home. In addition to quick tech news I also appreciate the long read recommendations. Thanks!


Awesome podcast. Great source for tech news every day

Great host great news

I found it from the house other podcast the Internet history podcast. It’s just enough news to get what’s going on in Tech but not too much. Laid out in a very simple way.

Timely and insightful

This is the perfect news show to listen to on my way home from work.

Perfect highlights of tech news

Love this format! Quick and concise look at everything that happened that day in the world of tech. Professionally edited, this is my go to on my way home from work!

A great source for tech news

Succinct and to the point. Good job!

Quick and informative

Love techmeme on the web, love techmeme in the car. Perfect for commutes and keeping informed while doing other things.

Actually, a great commute podcast.

I listen to this every day on my commute home. It's a great way to catch up on the tech news.

Great topics and length

Exactly the topics I want and in an easy to consume length.

Best daily tech news podcast. Bar none.

Informative daily round up of the need to know tech news. No bubble gum dramatics or boiler room company hyping.

Great summary for IT folks!

I listen almost every day. My only ask would be more content related to new products/services/technology from a more diverse set of companies. Most of the updates are dominated by Apple, Facebook, Google, etc.

Morning Daily, Afternoon RideHome

Quickly became one of my fav pods. His other pod, Internet History Pod is way Sandwichable check that too. Great job!

Good for the commute

Fills you in on the latest tech news in under 1/2 hour. Lots of information and only one commercial break.

Best tech news pod out there

Clear, concise weekday tech news. This is a must-listen pod!

Perfect daily summary

Brian does an excellent job reviewing the day's news and interjecting commentary when appropriate.

Essential daily podcast

Love the format, pace, and topics chosen. Brian does a great job. Best new podcast.

Great way to end the day...

My new go-to podcast for the drive home (although my commute is longer than the podcast). Great source of tech and tech business news. Don’t miss it.

macOS Ken in the morning, Techmeme in the afternoon

If NPR had a daily tech podcast, this would be it. Duration (not too long, not too short) and depth (not superficial) are spot on.

I love being informed

This podcast keeps me informed and entertained at the same time. I usually listen using the Otto App and look forward to each episode each weekday.

Daily and short and sweet

A quick way to get the pulse of the tech world on any day. Not too short and not too long. Accessible to people who might not be techies. Also a fan of Brian's Internet History Podcast.

Fantastic, well researched content. Presenter could do better

I’ve been listening to the podcast for a while and I love the quality of information. It’s very well researched, informative and diverse. They also do a good job in analyzing news stories from different angels. My only problem is the charisma of the presenter. Brian is a nice calm guy but I think the show would be much more enjoyable with a professional presenter. BBC podcasts are the gold standard here.

Succinct and Useful!

It's just the tech news, told straight, no jokes or fluff that I really don't want to hear. Useful, relevant information that keeps me up to date.

Great daily news wrap

Think up first but for tech. Gets you all the headlines.

Best tech news show

In fact, the *only* tech news show you need.

Love this podcast!

This show is fantastic. I think even non-tech people will enjoy it. They surface interesting stories you might otherwise miss. One thing tho, if they're reading these reviews: Please try to include links to articles you mention in the show notes. When you've done that in past it's been very helpful to me (not having to relisten to the episode to find what was mentioned then google for it, etc.).

Perfect recap

This is perfect, not too long but hits all the “need to know” topics (just like this review).

Great daily overview of tech news

In less than 15 mins you get he highlights of the day. And where there is a large story, they go a little deeper and provide more information. Fantastic!

quick, accurate, pertinent

Shocker - Tech covered by an actual Journalist. Big Ups.

Amazing news

Great information perfect for the ride home or work keeping it short and sweet

Simple and precise!

I have been reading Techmeme site but this podcast just made Techmeme closer and so much easier to access. Thank you and keep it up!


Nice, clear, and brief summary of tech news. Just what I was looking for.


The content is great but Brian sounds like he has no interest in recording the podcast today. Even the outro music has no motivation to end on an upbeat positive note. You need to add a little salsa to your podcast guys. - 03/13/18

More than just headlines

I appreciate how Brian adds context from his own vast knowledge of tech history, plus pithy quotes from other media and social sources. A quick dose of extra perspective!

No hype

Relevant, unbiased summarization of all the day’s tech news. Good quotes chosen summarize various viewpoints.