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Best tech news podcast

Brian is awesome. Does a great job of summarizing daily tech news.

The Only Daily I Can Keep Up With

It’s news I care about in an amount of time I can spend every day. Brian has a great nose for tech news.

Great Podcast. One petty request..

I know you can’t possibly know all the pronunciations of everything but 1 thing stands out a lot - Xiao Mi. Or any Chinese that starts with “X”. Please don’t say it like “Jiao” Mi. Just say it like how it’s spelled. The podcast today is full of Xiao Mi news today and I can’t stand it anymore sorry.

Curated Tech News Done Right!

The amount of time this podcast saves is hard for me to calculate. I love tech news but have grown tired of all the fluff. Brian does a great job of staying on top of what is important but still dipping into trends and popular culture when it’s noteworthy. Kudos!🙏

How we “keep up”

Thanks to Brian’s research, I know what is going on in the technology world.

Top tech news distracted by crypto

I’m a longtime subscriber. Brian puts together a top-notch daily recap to let you know what’s happening right now in tech — when he’s not distracted by the latest crypto/NFT financial whatnot.

My favorite tech podcast

I work in the tech industry and it’s my job to stay up with the tech industry, so Brian is doing his part in making me look good at me job.

A Great Tech Round-Up

Brian does a fantastic job of keeping me up-to-date with the essential tech news. Don’t know how I’d be keeping up with it all without this show!

Short and Sweet :-)

Well written and informative, I could not imagine staying in the know without it.

Thanks Brian!

This host does a great job at bringing the show’s audience all the latest tech news. Quality production, keep it up!

Pronouncing Chinese names correctly, please!!!

I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts daily, for many years. Enjoy it all, except when you mentioned any Chinese tech companies or executives’ name, that is. It’s excruciatingly incorrect and appalling whenever you confront ‘X’ or ‘Y’. Xiaomi, Xi Jinping, Eric Yuan, Jerry Yang, and numerous examples. Please please please, if you can’t quiet master mandarine, how about just saying it in the most simplified (but close) way by pronouncing ‘x’ as ‘s’ in ‘sea’ and ‘y’ as in ‘yellow’? Thank you for all your other relentless, complete research for a daily comprehensive, enjoyable coverage!

Best tech show

Easily the best tech news podcast

Personable and informative, great daily pod

Thanks Brian for doing this! Also go English soccer!

Best source for tech news

If you can only listen to one podcast forever, listen to this! Endless insights for devs, users, entrepreneurs, investors etc.

My Daily Update

I try to avoid the morning news browsing cycle I have always ends up in procrastination. This podcast is a fantastic summary of the previous days tech news I can consume on my morning walk. Highly recommended.

Technology news best podcast

I listen to this podcast everyday. Is the best way to know more about what is going on in the tech word in general. Perfect for tech lovers and also for investors who want to know their next move.

Precise tech news without any bias

I have been following the podcast for last 2 years and it keeps me related to tech news and somehow confirm my tech stocks buying strategies. I like its length as i can listen it everyday, any longer would kill my daily listening skill.

Great news.

I listen daily and am a premium subscriber. I’ve even advertised. Great show!

Great Daily Tech Shiw

I listen to this everyday One of my primary resources for tech news

Never miss an episode!

I’ve been listening to Brian since the beginning and can’t live without my daily dose of tech news. His ability to curate exactly what’s relevant with just the right amount of commentary is priceless, which is why it’s amazing that we get this for free! 🙏🏼

Brian's show does exactly what it promises: catches me up on all the relevant tech news that happened in the prior 24 hours. It's timely, just the right length, and keeps me well informed without forcing me to sift through a dozen tech sources each day.

Neutral and Enthusiastic

Use this to introduce students to podcasting in the community college where I teach.

I almost never miss an episode

This podcast is entertaining and informative with a great cadence. It’s not too short and not too long. A must subscribe for any tech enthusiast.


Great info everyday!! Keep it up!

Highly recommend!

Short, insightful, and information-rich!

Best tech news show out there

What else can I say? Hits the right stories, very thoughtful analysis, perfect tech news show.

Top source for Tech News

If you need a concise breakdown of the day's technology news, this is it! While there are some excellent daily tech news podcasts out there that explore stories in more detail, usually with lots of opinions...this podcast gets right to the stories that matter most. And the host (Brian) will pull in different points of view to each story, bringing more context and though, versus opinions and rants. In the 16 years of listening to various podcasts, I never skip this one.