March 30, 2019

Apple Event Debriefing with MacStories' Federico Viticci and John Voorhees

So, we did the pre-amble for the Apple Services event last week, I figured we should do a debriefing, especially since it was such a confusing event, at least to me. I knew I needed some Apple experts to help me out, so I reached out to Federico Viticci and John Voorhees from MacStories. I don’t know if we sorted it out, but as I said earlier in the week, great minds think alike because Federico and I both had a brainstorm about when we might see AirPower released, if we ever do. By the way, Federico and John host a podcast you should check out, if you never have. AppStories, exploring the world of apps. Subscribe to it wherever you get your podcasts.

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John VoorheesProfile Photo

John Voorhees


John Voorhees is MacStories’ Managing Editor, and has been writing about Apple and apps since joining the team in 2015. He also co-hosts MacStories’ podcasts, including AppStories, which explores of the world of apps, MacStories Unwind, a weekly recap of everything MacStories and more, and MacStories Unplugged, a behind-the-scenes, anything-goes show exclusively for Club MacStories members.

Federico ViticciProfile Photo

Federico Viticci

Founder and Editor-in-Chief at MacStories