March 20, 2021

(Bonus) Are NFT's Bad For Artists? And An Interesting Raise Sampler

Last weekend a listener to this show, Ti Zhang, (@zero_chill_tea) tagged me on twitter around a conversation she was having about NFTs and the degree to which, lots of folks in the art world are not so thrilled with the advent of NFTs. She said, sure, we see all the headlines around famous artists and celebrities and all the money they are making. But was I aware that artists were seeing their work stolen and sold as NFTs? That artists were taking their work down from the internet to make sure it wasn’t scraped and used on a blockchain somewhere? I was not. She started sending articles and links, some of which I posted in the show notes and I was like, hey, instead of just educating me about the NFT thing from the artist perspective, come on the show real quick and educate us all. So, the first half of the show is that. Thank you Ti, for being such a great resource.

Then, after a break, the second half of the show will be just some of the Interesting Raises from the Interesting Raises episode that RideHome+ subscribers got this weekend. Less than half the content. If hearing these gives you a bit of FOMO, of course you can always sign up for the RideHome+ feed anytime, at As always, link to sign up for that feed is in the bottom of the show notes.


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