July 14, 2019

(Bonus) Is Ecommerce Gonna Kill The Grocery Store? With Joe Fassler

Remember that longread from Friday? I knew lots of physical retail was under threat from ecommcerce, but do we have to worry about the grocery store too? As I said, this was something I’ve never considered. So read the piece because I got in touch with the author, Joe Fassler to see what the story is. And yes, there are larger societal and cultural and even cyclical shifts imperiling the traditional grocery market, but yes, it’s tech and ecommerce too. A deeper dive into all this, plus at look at the star of Joe’s piece, the grocery store architect who is trying to blow up the grocery in order to save it. The man who’s going to save your neighborhood grocery store (The New Food Economy) Sponsors: CognitoHQ.com Stamps.com, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in RIDE

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