Feb. 15, 2020

(Bonus) The Samsung Event With Gizmodo's Sam Rutherford

When a company does one of their big product events late in the day, it’s always a mad rush for me to get it out. Apple events are hard, but at least they start a bit earlier. The Samsung event this week just felt like me making a mad list of everything announced and hoping I wasn’t missing anything. So I really felt it was worth sitting back, taking a breath, and looking at everything that was announced in depth. We’re speaking to Gizmodo’s Sam Rutherford today who has actually be hands on with the S20s, so we’ll lay out in a more granular way, the differences between them all, and also, speculate on whether or not the Z Flip is actually the foldable phone we’ve all been waiting for. A foldable phone that might not suck.