April 18, 2020

(Bonus) Who's Right About The Economy? Wall Street Or Silcon Valley? With Alex Wilhelm @alex

I wasn’t supposed to do a weekend episode this weekend. I’ve got one scheduled for next week that I still need to record. But a few days ago, I saw Alex Wilhelm at TechCrunch tweet that he was doing a piece about why everyone in Silicon Valley and the VC world and the startup world still seem to be preparing for a nuclear winter, while the stock market has been roaring back to life, and I was like YES! I need to talk about that with somebody right now! I’m asking myself that question every day. It’s not that I’m rooting for a crash, it’s not that I want the economy to suffer, but everyone I know in the Tech world thinks we're in for a bad recession and yet… well, we get into all this. I needed to have this discussion with somebody right away, so forgive me if this is a little self indulgent, but join Alex and I as we ask the question: who’s right about the economy right now? Silicon Valley, or Wall Street?

PS: This is Alex's piece I was referring to: As stocks recover, private investors aren't buying the hype