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Streaming news and rumors, including the latest from companies like Netflix and Spotify.
M&A Podcasting Entertainment

Mon. 07/13 – SiriusXM Makes the Biggest Podcast Acquisition Yet

July 13, 2020

SiriusXM looks like it is stepping up to be the big competitor to Spotify in the podcasting space by lining up Podcasting’s biggest ever acquisition. More worrying signs if you’re a regular user of TikTok. Again, everyone wa…

Google Entertainment

Wed. 07/01 – YouTube TV Has Recreated The TV Bundle At Essentially The Same Price Point

July 1, 2020

The reckoning for social media ad spend might be hitting critical mass. Spotify gets more affordable for couples. YouTube TV gets more expensive for everyone. Apple IS struggling with iPhone 5G delays, but it SHOULDN’T delay…

Amazon Entertainment

Tue. 06/30 – Amazon Prime Video Launches Watch Party

June 30, 2020

Lululemon wants to buy Mirror. We think Uber is thinking about buying Postmates. Amazon Prime Video launches Watch Party. Android’s AirDrop competitor is rolling out. And why cloud gaming is the impetus for a new data center…


Tue. 05/12 - Quibbling With Quibi

May 12, 2020

Is Uber about to gobble Grubhub? Twitter does something Facebook and YouTube did a long time ago. Details on Apple’s forthcoming over the ears headphones. New releases for developers and music producers. And look, let’s have…


Wed. 05/06 – Disney+ Is Saving Mickey’s Bacon At The Moment

May 6, 2020

New Surface Gos, New Surface Books, New Surface Headphones and the Surface Buds finally arrive. The rumored layoffs come to Uber and Airbnb. Disney+ is saving Disney’s bacon at the moment. And why Peloton is one of those com…


Tue. 04/21 – Sonos Radio

April 21, 2020

Sonos launches its own streaming radio service, huge trove of Facebook accounts purchased on the dark web, Google goes with free to compete with Amazon in product search, Kickstarter is seeing a huge drop in project launches…


Mon. 04/06 – Happy Quibi Day!

April 6, 2020

Happy Quibi day everybody. Check out your Quick Bites for free while you can! Apparently the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is a hella powerful laptop, but that’s apparently why the battery life sucks. And the Covid-related consp…


Fri. 04/03 - It’s An 80’s Style Free HBO Bonanza!

April 3, 2020

Tech companies are, in fact, stepping up to track Covid-19. We have a name for the new low-end iPhone. Tesla soars but the Space X Starship doesn’t. Watch some free HBO this weekend, and of course, the weekend longreads sugg…


Fri. 03/06 - Sonos Won’t Brick Your Old Hardware Anymore

March 6, 2020

Another flaw in Intel chips, this time unfixable. Y Combinator demo day is going online only. Sonos won’t brick your old hardware anymore. Jack Dorsey probably won’t be moving to Africa anymore. And, of course, the weekend l…


Mon. 03/02 - I Don't Think Streaming Platforms Have Coke Habits

March 2, 2020

Some investors want Jack out as Twitter CEO. Apple settles a class action lawsuit for half a billion dollars. If you listen regularly, I bet you can guess why some game developers don’t want to work with Stadia. Spotify want…

M&A Entertainment

Wed. 02/05 - It Turns Out…

Feb. 5, 2020

Spotify officially buys The Ringer, we have the official Disney+ subscriber numbers, Jeff Weiner is officially stepping down as LinkedIn CEO, a Rockstar Games co-founder is apparently leaving the company, and what languages …


Fri. 01/10 - I Flip-Flop on Quibi

Jan. 10, 2020

More trouble for Softbank startups, more layoffs at scooter startups, VC deals plateaued last year but music streaming continues to skyrocket, how much money does Netflix lose to password sharers and of course, the weekend l…


Fri. 12/27 - All Hail Baby Yoda!

Dec. 27, 2019

A late holiday gift for YouTube creators, an important new rule for drone operators, to what degree has the Chinese government enabled Huawei’s success, and of course, the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: GiveWell.or…

Apple Entertainment

Thu. 12/19 - What If Apple Owned James Bond?

Dec. 19, 2019

That big NYTimes piece about location data, is Facebook taking another run at creating its own OS, is Apple considering buying James Bond, is Spotify building a social graph, and do e-athletes need gaming socks? Sponsors: Ti…


Wed. 10/30 - HBO Max Deets

Oct. 30, 2019

WhatsApp sues the NSO Group about that crazy exploit, Uber is threating to sue Los Angeles about a crazy tracking program that I’m not sure about, we’ve got the full details surrounding HBO Max, an activist is taking Faceboo…