April 5, 2019

Fri. 04/05 - Alexa is Coming for AirPods

Google scraps the AI ethics board, Alexa is coming for AirPods, the Bezos’ divorce is settled, Snap reminds everyone they’re pretty darned good at inventing weird stuff and the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: Metalab.co FlatironSchool.com/techmeme Links: Exclusive: Google cancels AI ethics board in response to outcry (Vox) Amazon Is Making a Rival to Apple’s AirPods as Its First Alexa Wearable (Bloomberg) Jeff Bezos, in divorce settlement, retains 75 percent of the Amazon stock he held with his now ex-wife MacKenzie (The Washington Post) Snapchat launches Mario Party-style multiplayer games platform (TechCrunch) Snapchat launches Scan, its AR utility platform (TechCrunch) Snapchat will power Stories & ads in other apps (TechCrunch) The Weekend Longreads Suggestions: Talking Reckless (A Gaming Podcast) Smart home, machine learning and discovery (Benedict Evans) 25 Years Later: Interview with Linus Torvalds (Linux Journal) ‘They Thought It Was Black Magic’: An Oral History of TiVo (OneZero) The World’s Greatest Delivery Empire (Bloomberg Businessweek) Old, Online, And Fed On Lies: How An Aging Population Will Reshape The Internet (Buzzfeed News) Astronomers set to make 'groundbreaking' black hole announcement (CNET)

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