July 24, 2020

Fri. 07/24 – The US Has A Quantum Internet Plan

Might Twitter have too many cooks in the kitchen to have decent op-sec? Intel has to delay its next gen chip process. Again. The US unveiled official plans for a quantum internet. AT&T announced its nationwide 5G network is operational. And of course, the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors:Tovala.com/rideMetalab.co Links: Exclusive: More than 1,000 people at Twitter had ability to aid hack of accounts (Reuters) Intel's 7nm is Broken, Company Announces Delay Until 2022, 2023 (Tom's Hardware) Big Tech CEO hearing is 'likely' to be postponed (Protocol) U.S. hatches plan to build a quantum Internet that might be unhackable (Washington Post) AT&T's low-band 5G network is now available nationwide (CNET) Weekend Longreads Suggestions: Robinhood Has Lured Young Traders, Sometimes With Devastating Results (NYTimes) Robinhood and How to Lose Money (The Margins) Want to buy a parrot? Please login via Facebook. (Rest Of World) The Inside Story of How a Sleep Tracker Became the Hottest Device of the Pandemic (Marker) How Harvard’s Star Computer-Science Professor Built a Distance-Learning Empire (The New Yorker) The case for and against banning TikTok (Vox) The App of the Summer Is Just a Random-Number Generator (The Atlantic)

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