Sept. 28, 2018

Fri. 09/28 - Facebook Breached, Musk Faces A Ban

A new Facebook scandal—but this time it’s different, Slack is preparing for an IPO, an exciting new episode of Today in Elon Musk, and, of course, the weekend longreads suggestions.  Links: Slack Actively Preparing for Early 2019 IPO (WSJ) Coinbase now lets users buy 'bundles' (TechCrunch) Compound launches easy way to short cryptocurrencies (TechCrunch) Tesla's Musk pulled the plug on a settlement with the SEC at the last minute (CNBC) The Betterment Weekend Longreads: How Uber is getting flying cars off the ground (CNET) Coinbase Wants To Be Too Big To Fail (Fortune) The Apple Watch – Tipping Point Time for Healthcare (Steve Blank) Meet the Community Keeping Obsolete Supercomputers Alive (Motherboard) The first Android phone 10 years later: An annotated review (CNET) Hacker says he'll livestream deletion of Zuckerberg's Facebook page (Engadget)

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