June 22, 2018

Friday, June 22, 2018 - The Tesla Sabotage Story Gets Weirder?

The Supreme Court rules on cell phone tracking, YouTube gets channel memberships, Twitter literally smites Smyte, the Elon Musk sabotage saga gets weirder and the weekend longreads suggestions. Stories from: @sarahintampa, @drewharwell Tweets: @mathewi  Links:Supreme Court says police can't use your cellphone to track you without a court order (NBC News)Twitter ‘smytes’ customers (TechCrunch)Elon Musk Has Always Been At War With The Media (BuzzFeed) Weekend Longreads:How Twitter Made The Tech World's Most Unlikely Comeback (BuzzFeed)The Legend of Nintendo (Bloomberg)Intel now faces a fight for its future (The Verge)INSIDE THE CRYPTO WORLD'S BIGGEST SCANDAL (Wired)

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