March 4, 2019

Mon., 03/04 - USB 4 Wishes and Password-Free Dreams

Facebook lets randos look you up by your phone number; Huawei is about to sue the U.S. government; a Vermont law exposes more than 100 data brokers; USB 4 is announced; Facebook offers a way to log in with your face...kind of; and the W3C has a new standard that promises to do away with passwords forever. Sponsors: Keeps - MetaLab - Links: Facebook won’t let you opt-out of its phone number ‘look up’ setting (TechCrunch) Scammers abused Facebook phone number search (BBC News) Huawei Said to Be Preparing to Sue the U.S. Government (New York Times) Here are the data brokers quietly buying and selling your personal information (Fast Company) With USB 4, Thunderbolt 3’s benefits become open to all (The Verge) USB Promoter Group Announces USB4 Specification (AP News) Harry McCracken's Facebook tweet (Twitter) Facebook explains how it’ll review nude photos to stop revenge porn (The Verge) Facebook’s New CAPTCHA Test: ‘Upload a Clear Photo of Your Face’ (Wired) W3C approves WebAuthn as the web standard for password-free logins (VentureBeat)

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