April 27, 2020

Mon. 04/27 – It’s Always A Good Day When Your Starship Doesn’t Explode

iPhone production might be delayed, but the launch might not be, and actually, that might bounce in Apple’s favor. Autocomplete for coding. A little more background on John Stankey. Progress on my robot burrito delivery. And a crucial SpaceX rocket passes a key test by finally not blowing up. Sponsors:Sanebox.com/techmemeF5.com/ride Links: Apple Delays Mass Production of 2020 Flagship iPhones (WSJ) Two Million Australians Download Coronavirus Contact-Tracing App (Bloomberg) Germany flips to Apple-Google approach on smartphone contact tracing (Reuters) Codota picks up $12M for an AI platform that auto-completes developers' code (TechCrunch) Blunt New CEO Inherits Challenge of Turning AT&T Into Media Star (Bloomberg) John Stankey’s challenge: Making AT&T’s $100 billion bet on Time Warner pay off (CNBC) The pandemic is bringing us closer to our robot takeout future (Ars Technica) SpaceX’s future deep-space rocket passes key test, paving the way for short flight (The Verge)

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