April 29, 2019

Mon. 04/29 - Do Millennials Want Vertical TVs?

There’s no reason the hotel chains can’t do what Airbnb does, why superzoom lenses might be the real innovation in smartphones right now, we’re almost done with Tech Earnings Season and why was GOT so dark last night? Sponsors: Pixelunion.com/agency GetQuip.com/ride Links: Spotify is first to 100 million paid subscribers (The Verge) Beats’ Powerbeats Pro earbuds will ship on May 10th for $250 (The Verge) Marriott Is Officially Getting Into the Homesharing Business (Skift) "Superzoom" lenses will be the biggest thing to happen to smartphone cameras in years (Android Police) How China’s ‘Unicorns’ Shook a Bicycle Town (NYTimes) California governor signs internet sales tax law (AP) AT&T says 5G will be priced like home Internet—pay more for faster speeds (ArsTechnica) Samsung thinks millennials want vertical TVs (The Verge) A Theory About Why Last Night's Game of Thrones Was Too Dark to Watch (Gizmodo)

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