May 20, 2019

Mon. 05/20 - Why 5G Could Ruin Weather Forecasting

Why Google ghosting Huawei might lead to a chain reaction for all of tech, the Sprint/T-Mobile merger gets a shot in the arm, GM sort of gets the point of software, I guess, and why 5G might be horrible for weather forecasting. Sponsors: The Castro Podcast App Links: Exclusive: Google suspends some business with Huawei after Trump blacklist - source (Reuters) Huawei responds to Android ban with service and security guarantees, but its future is unclear (TechCrunch) Y Combinator promotes Geoff Ralston to president, while Sam Altman shifts to advisor role (TechCrunch) Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 drops to $999 and adds Qualcomm’s XR1 (VentureBeat) T-Mobile, Sprint Get Merger Backing From FCC Chairman (WSJ) 5G NETWORKS COULD THROW WEATHER FORECASTING INTO CHAOS (Wired) GM GIVES ALL ITS VEHICLES A NEW SOUL (Wired) Top ‘Live-Streamers’ Get $50,000 an Hour to Play New Videogames Online (WSJ) Subscribe to the ad-free Premium Feed!

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