July 8, 2019

Mon. 07/08 - The Rise of the Professional Dungeon Master

Your driver’s license is already being used for facial recognition surveillance, VC investment in Chinese startups is plummeting, I have an answer to my question around cities paying ransom to hackers, and if this podcast thing goes away, I know my next hustle: professional dungeon master. Sponsors: Metalab.co Legacybox.com/ride Links: FBI, ICE find state driver’s license photos are a gold mine for facial-recognition searches (The Washington Post) Apple tests Face ID and Touch ID sign-in for iCloud․com on iOS 13 and macOS Catalina betas (9to5Mac) China's Venture Capital Boom Shows Signs of Turning Into a Bust (Bloomberg) This Chrome extension lets you disguise Netflix as a Hangout to slack off at work (The Verge) Aircraft lands itself truly autonomously for the first time (Engadget) A City Paid a Hefty Ransom to Hackers. But Its Pains Are Far From Over. (NYTimes) Now Some Families Are Hiring Coaches to Help Them Raise Phone-Free Children (NYTimes) The Rise of the Professional Dungeon Master (Bloomberg Businessweek) Subscribe to the ad-free feed! Right INSIDE your podcast app!

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