Oct. 29, 2018

Mon. 10/29 - Big Blue Gets Red Hat


IBM buys Red Hat, museums get new ways to preserve video games, Sony announces the full list of titles for its retro PlayStation mini-console, DJI has a drone for first responders, and a look at the service Gab. Links: IBM to acquire Red Hat in deal valued at $34 billion (CNBC) Forget Watson, the Red Hat acquisition may be the thing that saves IBM (TechCrunch) IBM’s Old Playbook (Stratechery) Copyright Law Just Got Better for Video Game History (Motherboard) Exemption to Prohibition on Circumvention of Copyright Protection Systems for Access Control Technologies (PDF - US Copyright Office, Library of Congress) Here are the 20 games shipping with the PlayStation Classic (TechCrunch) DJI's latest Mavic 2 drone is built for search and rescue (Engadget) Two more platforms have suspended Gab in the wake of Pittsburgh shooting (TechCrunch) On Gab, an Extremist-Friendly Site, Pittsburgh Shooting Suspect Aired His Hatred in Full (New York Times)

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