Aug. 6, 2018

Mon. 8/6 - Everyone Bans Alex Jones

Nearly every major tech platform bans Alex Jones to one degree or another, does Facebook really want to know your bank balance, MoviePass comes with another subscription pivot, Apple’s plans for India and why $1,000 smartphones might only be the beginning. Links:Facebook, Apple, YouTube and Spotify ban Infowars' Alex Jones (The Guardian)Facebook to Banks: Give Us Your Data, We’ll Give You Our Users (WSJ)Facebook taps banks, but for chatbots not purchase data like Google (TechCrunch)MoviePass Abandons Price Hike, But Will Limit Films to Three a Month (Variety)iPhone Chipmaker Races to Recover After Crippling Computer Virus (Bloomberg)Here’s Apple’s Plan to Keep From Losing the World’s Fastest-Growing Smartphone Market (Bloomberg Businessweek)Why iPhone and Android phone prices will get even higher (CNET)

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