April 13, 2019

The State of Venture and "MegaRounds" with Crunchbase's Jason Rowley - 4/11/19, 4.57 PM

While I talk about big round raises and startups and venture all the time, we haven’t really done a deep dive into where venture is at at the moment. So, who better to talk to than Crunchbase, and in this case, Crunchbase’s Jason Rowley. Today… the state of venture in 2019, and we especially get into the modern world of megarounds, even hypergiant rounds… raises of $250 million or more. Those never used to happen. They happen all the time now… we just talked about one this week… Softbank contributes to them all the time. How has that changed the landscape, and how has that created or influenced the unicorn ecosystem that is currently being harvested, as it were. Sponsors: Capterra.com/ride Flatironschool.com/techmeme