Jan. 17, 2019

Thu. 01/17 - Tim Cook Sayz: Regulate THOSE Guys

Tim Cook calls for a data-broker clearinghouse, a possible criminal case against Huawei, the largest leak of user credentials ever found in the wild, and why we probably need a Unix for machine learning. Sponsors: Tiny.website DataDogHQ.com/ridehome Links: Removing Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior from Russia (Facebook Newsroom) You Deserve Privacy Online. Here’s How You Could Actually Get It (Time) I Mentored Mark Zuckerberg. I Loved Facebook. But I Can't Stay Silent About What's Happening. (Time) Huawei Targeted in U.S. Criminal Probe for Alleged Theft of Trade Secrets (WSJ) HACK BRIEF: AN ASTONISHING 773 MILLION RECORDS EXPOSED IN MONSTER BREACH (Wired) AWS For Everyone: New clues emerge about Amazon’s secretive low-code/no-code project (GeekWire) Former Facebook engineer picks up $15M for AI platform Spell (TechCrunch)

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