Jan. 31, 2019

Thu. 01/31 - Facebook's Still Making Bank

Facebook returns to growth, iPhones might be getting USB-C and 3D cameras, Hulu’s launching pause-ads, and on Reddit, it’s paintings of paintings of paintings of birds, all the way down. Sponsors: Tiny.website DataDogHQ.com/ridehome Links: Mark Zuckerberg wants to get back to building new Facebook products (ReCode) Nintendo cuts Switch sales forecast despite strong holiday season (The Verge) Apple Is Planning 3-D Cameras for New iPhones in AR Push (Bloomberg) HACKERS ARE PASSING AROUND A MEGALEAK OF 2.2 BILLION RECORDS (Wired) Hulu announces a new ad unit that appears when you pause (TechCrunch) The Reddit Painting Links: The orig post Tweet storm showing the painting progression The painting tree illustrated on github Flipboard Links: https://flipboard.com/@thomasgalla1pp6/techmeme-ride-home-daily-podcast-tc2a63l7y https://flipboard.com/@thomasgalla1pp6/techmeme-ride-home-weekend-long-reads-m64k8fj9y

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