Feb. 13, 2020

Thu. 02/13 - Modular Apple Watches and Quantum Internets?

The US charges Huawei with racketeering. Could the future of the Apple Watch be modular? Uber trials ordering an Uber via 800 number. Interesting raises in robotics and in space. And why quantum entanglement could lead to a truly secure internet. Sponsors:Doubleup.agencyBuyRaycon.com/tech Links:The US is charging Huawei with racketeering (TechCrunch)Andy Rubin’s Start-Up, Essential Products, Shuts Down (NYTimes)Apple Watch of the future could have a modular back for upgrades & new sensors (Apple Insider)Broadcom launches Wi-Fi 6 extended combo processor, aims to hit 2 Gbps speeds (ZDNet)Uber's latest test books rides with a phone call, not the app (Engadget)Intuition Robotics raises $36 million to bring AI companions to everyone (VentureBeat)Astranis raises $90 million for its next-gen satellite broadband internet service (TechCrunch)Dieter Bohn's Processor newsletter (The Verge)Quantum entanglement over 30 miles of fiber has brought super secure internet closer (MIT Technology Review) Click here to give the Ad-Free Feed a Try

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