March 7, 2019

Thu. 03/07 - Facebook Pivots To Privacy

Facebook pivots to privacy, Huawei follows through on suing the US government, Duplex rolls out wide, and Bird’s white label scooter scheme. Sponsors: Links: A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking (Mark Zuckerberg) A 'privacy-focused' Facebook would kill Zuckerberg's business model (The Guardian) Facebook’s Privacy Cake (Ben Thompson/Stratechery) Mark Zuckerberg Tried Hard To Get Facebook Into China. Now The Company May Be Backing Away. (Buzzfeed News) Amazon's joint health-care venture finally has a name: Haven (CNBC) Huawei: US Congress acted as 'judge, juror and executioner' with ban on our products (CNN) Google brings its Duplex AI restaurant booking assistant to 43 states (TechCrunch) How Bird plans to blanket the world with electric scooters without going bankrupt (The Verge)

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