April 9, 2020

Thu. 04/09 – Why The Pandemic Might Be Long-Term Good For The Internet

Disney+ continues to blow the doors off the place. Good old phone calls are back, along with the Desktop web. Don’t expect to see new emoji for a while. Stadia is free for anyone with a Gmail account, COBAL skills are in high demand and why the pandemic might be a long-term good for Internet infrastructure. Sponsors:Caramba.storeCognitoHQ.comPlume.com/techmeme Links: Disney+ Surpasses 50 Million Paid Subscribers After Launches in Europe & India (The Streamable) Zoom removes meeting IDs from client title bar to boost security (Bleeping Computer) MICROSOFT THINKS CORONAVIRUS WILL FOREVER CHANGE THE WAY WE WORK AND LEARN (The Verge) The Humble Phone Call Has Made a Comeback (NYTimes) Microsoft: Don't expect any Windows 10X devices this calendar year (ZDNet) No one’s getting new emoji in 2021 because of the pandemic (The Verge) Google Stadia now free to anyone with a Gmail address (Polygon) Now It’s Falling Apart (OneZero) Why the coronavirus lockdown is making the internet stronger than ever (MIT Technology Review)Twitter notifies users that it’s now sharing more data with advertisers (The Verge)

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