May 23, 2019

Thu. 05/23 - An Indie Game Boy for the 21st Century

The Playdate is a Game Boy for the 21st Century, GitHub launches a Patreon for open source developers, Amazon is working on a health app that can monitor emotions, Door Dash is emerging at the leader in the food delivery wars, and Rotten Tomatoes brings the hammer down on review stuffing. Sponsors: Castro Podcast App Links: Playdate is an adorable handheld with games from the creators of Qwop, Katamari, and more (The Verge) GitHub launches Sponsors, lets you pay your favorite open-source contributors (TechCrunch) Amazon Is Working on a Device That Can Read Human Emotions (Bloomberg) DoorDash Is Now Worth $12.6 Billion After New $600 Million Investment (Forbes) Andreessen pours $22M into PlanetScales' database-as-a-service (TechCrunch) Walmart starts selling self-branded Android tablets starting at $64 w/ Play Store (9to5Google)  A year after GDPR, mobile notifications are up, location sharing is down (MarketingLand) Rotten Tomatoes will start verifying ticket purchases for audience reviews (TechCrunch) Subscribe to the premium, ad free feed!

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