May 30, 2019

Thu. 05/30 - Google Tells Adblockers To Jump Off A Bridge

Microsoft brings the Xbox Game Pass to PCs, Google gives the finger to adblockers (and all of us), the DOJ will only approve the Sprint/T-Mobile merger if there’s no actual market consolidation, GoGo wants to bring 5G to airplanes and when will an e-sports stadium come to your town? Sponsors: Mealime Sponsors: Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass is coming to PC (Engadget) Google to restrict modern ad blocking Chrome extensions to enterprise users (9to5Google) Apple, Google and WhatsApp condemn UK proposal to eavesdrop on encrypted messages (CNBC) U.S. Wants T-Mobile to Create New Rival Before Clearing Megadeal (Bloomberg) Hulu Says 70% of Its 82 Million Viewers Are on Ad-Supported Plan (Variety) Gogo plans in-flight 5G for U.S. and Canadian aircraft in 2021 (VentureBeat) Excel for iPhone now lets you take a picture of a spreadsheet and import it (The Verge) As E-Sports Grow, So Do Their Homes (NYTimes)

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