Sept. 20, 2018

Thu. 09/20 - Alexa For Friggin' Everything!

Amazon announced Alexa for friggin everything, AmazonGos might soon be friggin everywhere, a life insurer will only sell you a policy if you own a smartwatch, and they’ve finally found Spock’s home planet of Vulcan.  Links: Amazon Will Consider Opening Up to 3,000 Cashierless Stores by 2021 (Bloomberg) Strap on the Fitbit: John Hancock to sell only interactive life insurance (Reuters) Life Insurance Offering More Incentive to Live Longer (NYTimes) ESPN's new streaming service passes 1 million paid subscribers in five months (CNBC) Google, Facebook Lead Digital’s March to Half of U.S. Ad Market (Bloomberg) Spock’s planet ‘Vulcan’ found years after Star Trek prediction (SlashGear)

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