July 18, 2019

Thurs. 07/18 - Netflix's Numbers Visit the Upside Down

Netflix's growth disappoints, but Stranger Things have happened. The Democratic National Committee tells candidates to avoid the photo-aging simulator FaceApp. Don't expect driverless cars any time soon, despite the hype. Can 5G networks give you cancer? No, no they can't. Finally, go ahead! Start that podcast. Don't listen to the naysayers. Sponsors: SVB.com/next Castro Links: Netflix subscription adds disappoint, stock drops (Variety) DNC warns candidates to stop using FaceApp, citing Russian danger (CNN) FaceApp developer describes privacy policy (TechCrunch) Tesla's plans for self-driving cars worry those who know best (Washington Post) Self-driving cars remains "way in the future" (New York Times) The 5G Health Hazard That Isn't (New York Times) Have we hit peak podcast? (New York Times)

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