March 12, 2019

Tue. 03/12 - The Web Is 30 Years Old!

Facebook self owns by taking down Senator Warren’s ads, Spotify will now give you Hulu for free, why the Bay Area is no longer the best place for startups, and the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web. Sponsors: Links: Facebook backtracks after removing Warren ads calling for Facebook breakup (Politico) Apple’s March 25th event is official: ‘It’s show time’ (9to5Mac) Spotify Premium now includes Hulu for no extra cost (The Verge) Amazon’s Alexa has 80,000 Apps—and No Runaway Hit (Bloomberg) Peak California (Byrne Hobart) Goodbye, Silicon Valley, hello, Atlanta: Black entrepreneurs part of new migration to South (USA Today) 30 years on, what’s next #ForTheWeb? (Tim Berners-Lee) The original Web proposal

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