May 14, 2019

Tue. 05/14 - The Insane WhatsApp Flaw

WhatsApp discovered one of the craziest flaws I’ve ever heard about in mobile, Disney now controls all of Hulu, now we’ve got folding laptops, the One Plus 7 Pro is another strike against $1,000 phones and is bitcoin back? Sponsors: Promocode: RIDE WeWorkRemotely Links: WhatsApp voice calls used to inject Israeli spyware on phones (Financial Times) WhatsApp discovers 'targeted' surveillance attack (BBC) Disney to take full control over Hulu, Comcast has option to sell its stake in 5 years (CNBC) Lenovo shows off the world’s first ‘foldable PC’ (The Verge) Walmart announces next-day delivery, firing back at Amazon (CNBC) Apple announces support for Apple Pay NFC stickers, partners with Bird scooters and more (9to5Mac) ONEPLUS 7 PRO REVIEW: PROOF THAT OTHER BIG PHONES COST TOO MUCH (The Verge) Uber Misses the Enchanted Forest (Bloomberg) Uber's underwater investors (Axios) Up $1,200 on the Day, Bitcoin’s Price Surges Above $8K (CoinDesk)

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