Oct. 6, 2020

Tue. 10/06 - G Suite Is No More! (But Don’t Worry)

G Suite is no more! But don’t worry. It’s just a name change. Apple is removing non-Apple headphones from its stores. And AT&T is killing DSL. Why that’s a problem for a lot of people. Putting interactive advertising on convenience store coolers is sort of obvious. But why it SHOULD be obvious that an internet connected chastity belt is a bad idea. Sponsors:Monday.com/rideFundrise.com/techmeme Links: G Suite is now Google Workspace (TechCrunch) Apple Stops Selling Rival Earphones, Speakers Ahead of Launches (Bloomberg) Facebook's Portal adds support for Netflix, Zoom and other features (TechCrunch) AT&T kills DSL, leaves tens of millions of homes without fiber Internet (Ars Technica)Cooler Screens raises $80M to bring interactive screens into cooler aisles (TechCrunch) Security flaw left ‘smart’ chastity sex toy users at risk of permanent lock-in (TechCrunch)

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