Jan. 9, 2019

Wed. 01/09 - Google Assistant Everywhere!

Now we know why Google has gone so big at CES: they want to put Assistant in everything, the first foldable phone arrives at CES, Twitter wants to show you only half of an NBA game, and Marc Zuckerberg wants to host his own version of a podcast, I guess.  Sponsors: go.bitrise.io/ride Metalab.co Links: GOOGLE’S PLAN TO TAKE ON ALEXA: NEW FEATURES, NEW DEVICES, AND A TROJAN HORSE (The Verge) The world’s first foldable phone is charmingly awful (The Verge) Twitter hopes you want to watch NBA games from a camera focused on just one player (Recode) Zuckerberg's 2019 Challenge Post VC funding in U.S. startups nears $100 billion in 2018, highest since dot-com era (GeekWire) Venture Capital Funding Report 2018 (CBInsights) Cable operators will fight off 5G with 10-gigabit cable modems (VentureBeat) This pretax benefits startup is giving hourly workers a raise (Fast Company)

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