Feb. 27, 2019

Wed. 02/27 - TikTok Bigger Than Instagram?

Fast flash storage for phones, TikTok passes a billion downloads, FedEx rolls out its own delivery bot, why you might be overpaying for cloud computing and why China wants to map the faces of pigs. Sponsors: Tiny.website DataDogHQ.com/ridehome Links: Samsung's new 512GB flash chip is twice as fast as its predecessor (Engadget) TikTok was bigger than Instagram last year after passing the 1 billion download mark (Business Insider) Machine learning can boost the value of wind energy (Google's The Keyword Blog) FedEx unveils autonomous delivery robot (The Verge) Threads emerges from stealth with $10.5M from Sequoia for a new take on enabling work conversations (TechCrunch) As AWS Use Soars, Companies Surprised by Cloud Bills (The Information) Containers may be leading to cloud computing cost overruns (ZDNet) Rotten Tomatoes tweaks audience ratings system to thwart online trolls (The Los Angeles Times) China’s Tech Firms Are Mapping Pig Faces (NYTimes)

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