May 1, 2019

Wed. 05/01 - Apple’s Earnings Were Bad, But Investors Rejoiced

Apple’s earnings were bad, but investors rejoiced, Andreessen Horowitz is continuing its transformation, Eric Schmidt is leaving Google’s board, don’t sleep on Hulu in the streaming wars and some thoughts on F8. Sponsors: Links: Apple Trade-Ins and Discounts Spark iPhone Revival (Bloomberg) A16z ushers in new fund strategy with $2.75B (TechCrunch) Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt will leave Alphabet’s board after 18 years (The Verge) Scoop: e-Bike startup led by mobile veterans raises $20 million (Axios) SoftBank makes a huge bet on Latin America (TechCrunch) Hulu Grows to 28 Million Subscribers (The Hollywood Reporter) At F8, Facebook focuses on privacy — and little else (The Interface) Subscribe to the ad-free premium feed!

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