May 8, 2019

Wed. 05/08 - The Pixel 3a and Flagship "Lite" Phones

Google is talking big on privacy, but going after cookies helps their bottom line as well, why the Pixel 3a might usher in a new era of flagship “lite” phones, the huge Binance bitcoin hack and why does Bird want to sell you a scooter, not just rent you one? Sponsors: Links: Google strengthens Chrome's privacy controls (TechCrunch) Facebook talked privacy, Google actually built it (TechCrunch) US digital advertising exceeded $100 billion in 2019 (TechCrunch) Google shows Apple and Samsung how ‘lite’ flagships are done (Engadget) Apple should bring back the iPhone SE and model it after Google’s Pixel 3a (MacWorld) Bird has a new electric scooter: it’s durable, comes in three different colors, and you can buy it (The Verge) DIY Artists Will Earn More than $1 Billion This Year. No Wonder the Major Labels Want Their Business (Rolling Stone) Subscribe to the ad-free feed!

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