June 19, 2019

Wed. 06/19 - The Fallout From Facebook Coin

More revelations about the horrible job that is Facebook Moderation, Best Buy now doubles as a Genius Bar—sorta, YouTube has some new AR tricks and is mulling some changes for kids, and the reaction to Facebook’s crypto play has me fascinated. Sponsors: SVB.com/next Castro Links: BODIES IN SEATS (The Verge) Apple expands authorized repairs to ~1,000 Best Buy Stores (TechCrunch) The new Kindle Oasis lets you adjust color temperature for night reading (The Verge) YouTube's new AR Beauty Try-On lets viewers virtually try on makeup while watching video review (TechCrunch) Top Democrat calls for Facebook to halt cryptocurrency plans until Congress investigates (The Verge) Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency: where are the banks? (The Block) THE AMBITIOUS PLAN BEHIND FACEBOOK’S CRYPTOCURRENCY, LIBRA (Wired) The Premium Ad-Free Feed!

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