July 31, 2019

Wed. 07/31 - Apple: What, Me Worry?

Apple isn’t selling as many iPhones, but they want you to know that that’s just fine. Samsung isn’t selling as many high end smartphones as they’d like, but seemingly no one is. There’s a new Galaxy Tab, Facebook hasn’t given up on their Portal ambitions and the rise of the livestreamed funeral business.




There is a great new podcast on venture and startups. It’s Called LA Venture and it’s all about the Los Angeles venture and startup scene. It's useful if you're looking for funding or just interested in getting to know the LA investors. Admittedly, it's hosted by two VCs interviewing other VCs and everyone is talking about themselves. But, we're all avid TechMeme listeners so perhaps we've picked up some of Brian's ability to make our stories snappy and enjoyable listening. (ooh… flattery will get you everywhere)… Search for "LA Venture" hosted by TenOneTen. Great place to get venture insights if you're already caught up on TechMeme Ride Home listening. Again, LA Venture by TenOneTen.

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