July 11, 2018

Wednesday, 7/11 - The 2018 X Graduating Class

Facebook faces its first fine from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a look at what Article 13 might do to the web, a juicy new Apple rumor, more hints from Magic Leap, and a look at Alphabet’s “Moonshot” factory. Stories from: @AlecMuffett, @adavies47 Tweets: @joshelman Links:Facebook is slapped with first fine for Cambridge Analytica scandal (Washington Post)Thread by @AlecMuffett: "Regards Article13, I wrote up a little command-line false-positive emulator; it tests 10 million events with a test (for copyrighted materia […]" #Article13 (Alex Muffett)European Networks Are Joining Forces to Take On Netflix and Amazon (The Hollywood Reporter)INSIDE X, THE MOONSHOT FACTORY RACING TO BUILD THE NEXT GOOGLE (Wired)