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Name change@@

Kottke ride home is much better, unique, clever, attaching; this new name is quite cliché and, er, tacky..... LOL (haha) fortunately, the content is still unique, clever, and makes me paying attention, as always. thank you! (sorry typo)

Daily Burst of Joy

Fun and informative stories everyday with a wonderful host. Always look forward to listening at the end of my day!

My daily friend

I started with this podcast when it was daily corona virus update with another host but I am still listening and it brings joy to my daily life with all the all around news and updates. I wasn’t sure how much I liked it when hosts changed but I honestly can’t imagine the podcast without Jackson. This has been a constant in my lockdown life and it is going to be so strange to be on the other side of this pandemic. I already have moments of nostalgia when I hear the music and think about how strange the world was listening to this while wiping down groceries from the delivery company in the beginning of the pandemic. I am a listener for as long as this podcast resumes. It’s a highlight in my day and even if I miss a few I love binge listening to the ones I’ve missed.

I love the bite-sized stories!

Thank you for producing this so consistently.

Totally awesome!

Fun, informative and entertaining. Great host, great content!

New fave

This podcast still gets my ear time even though I don’t commute any more, which is the ultimate compliment in my world

Totally awesome!

Totally awesome daily podcast! Very fun, very informative. Great host, great content!

Uplifting interning stories of the day

Was not around for the COVID-19 shows but love the new direction. Keep it up!

You are awesome!

Coming on board from and loving it!

Love this!

Thank youuuu! :)

Thank God for this show

It is like my brain saying only the good thoughts. Thank you!!

Excellent content!

Fun, informational, well-curated, educational, and witty. I look forward to listening to this every day. It's a bright spot of news and perspective packed into a quick listening session. Well done.


Great content and part of my daily ritual. Thank you for your hard work!


Very up to date and informative podcast well sourced Fast forward through the ads if you don’t like them. So what. Just the right mix of medical data and layman’s terms. Well done!

What the heck!

Quit complaining about the host’s voice. Sped up the volume or slow it down if it’s too nasally or fast speed. YOU can adjust! Be grateful that this program shifts through many many hours to condense info for easy listening in a few minutes. Complain when you pay for something! This is free and so well worth it! And I think the host is great!

Love the new Format

Kept up the good work Love see a sports show.

Love this podcast

Since the Coronavirus began I’ve been listening to this podcast for my daily update on corona news, along with a few others . This one quickly became my favorite. I was a little freaked earlier this week when it was gone (or so I thought) Luckily it was just a name change. I’m liking the additional news that’s been added. Coronavirus isn’t going to last forever and I love the way they deliver the news. Thank you to all of the people that put this podcast together. I can’t even imagine the amount of time and research it takes to gather this kind of info on a daily basis. The one good thing about coronavirus is that I would have probably not discovered your podcast had you just launched a regular news podcast. Thanks again for the great content!

Fantastic podcast

I love this podcast. It’s consistently got the best information about COVID and distilled a ton of information into as little time as possible. I don’t mind the changes to include good news. I would be fine with just having a shorter podcast and skipping the good news, but it turns out that’s not hard: just stop listening when they transition away from the COVID stuff... The only thing that would make it better for me is to switch it back to a morning release. I recognize that’s harder on the delivery team so it may not be possible, but it would be nice. Anyway, keep up the good work!

My need is for your forward-looking COVID reporting

I still love this podcast but may listen less frequently if there’s too much non COVID news. Tuesday 5/12 podcast was still good (only ‘good news’ was cape honey bee story which was interesting, short and sweet - pun intended) but 5/11’s podcast not so much

New Changes

While I totally understand the decision to include some positivity at the end of the episodes now, I do wish the podcast released in the morning still. It was part of my daily routine and now that it doesn’t post until the afternoon it is much harder to schedule in and make time. Hope you can bring it back to its earlier start time.

Where did you go?

Hey, you’ve been my go-to first thing in the morning, every weekday since you began the podcast. What happened? Come baaack!!!


Aziz Ansari is that you? I swear to god it sounds like Tom Havaford! I hope John Raphio is doing alright in this crisis!

Valuable Podcast / Annoying Voice

I listen to this podcast but do not like, at all, the narrator’s voice.

Content is more important than voice timbre!

This is in a response to a previous reviewer- the complaint of a “nasal” voice I think is for an occasional host, not the usual one now. I don’t want to name names or complain about something that the speaker cannot control. The nasal speaker is one of the writers/editors of the podcast and this podcast gives a really, really excellent overview of world COVID-19/ coronavirus daily news and I think it’s worth the slightly hard to listen to voice on occasion. Excellent job, podcast writers, reviewers, editors and hosts!


This is one of the most comprehensive compilations/summarizations of the previous day’s biggest headlines regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Stay informed! Listen daily! Stay safe!

Best COVID podcast around

Always the newest updates and science-based breakthroughs. Thank you for your service!

Trapped in this house

Real quick update: one thing I hate about the ads in this podcast? Talk space therapy as where he says “match with your PERFECT THERAPIST”. As a therapist in substance abuse, It is a fact that there is no such thing as “your perfect therapist”. Reason? We are all people. People will never be perfect!! Please stop saying this! Thank you for helping me not only get answers and info about what’s going on but I’ve been looking forward to your podcast every day while I am TRAPPED IN THIS HOUSE! lol. With kids doing soooo much schoolwork I might add lol thank you!! Keep it up and possibly consider airing on weekends cause, let’s face it, there is no distinction between weekday and weekend right now.


Exactly what I have been looking for. A daily summary of notable headlines and developments coupled with insightful analyses and interpretations where useful. Everything is presented with clarity and simplicity, giving you a high yield of information for each ~30 minute episode. I also look forward to browsing their subreddit. Thank you all for your work.

Everyone should be listening!

States Facts and simplifies some information so everyone can understand. Would highly suggest this podcast.

Good information Daily

Thank you for keeping us up-to-date...

Just the facts

I’ve listened to this podcast for several weeks, and then listened to one by a major news network to compare. The news network had a lot of finger pointing, & blaming in their stories. This podcast, while I wouldn’t call it optimistic, is very forward focused. I appreciate the updates on what we are doing right now, what we see as a result, and what time frames are being modeled and predicted. Won’t waste my time with the networks, this podcast has all I need to know. Thank you for the excellent work.

Best curated news summary on the coronavirus pandemic I have found

First review for me. I listen to tons of podcasts but rarely review (I don’t think I ever have but admit I could be wrong). I am a physician at high risk for infection and death based on specialty. This is informative and educational. It is timely in that it gives you an accurate picture of the most important articles on the pandemic. This has become my favorite, by far.

most logical corona virus summary

Very well thought out and explained invaluable summary of days most important events

Straightforward info

I listen faithfully because he just gives the facts. No opinion or fear included. Much appreciated. Keep safe and continue the good work

Just the facts

I love this podcast because there’s no fear mongering. There’s no sensationalism or nonsense. I really appreciate the straightforward and easy to understand COVID-19 updates.

The only covid-19 update you need

This podcast cuts the bs and get straight to the point. If you want non-biased factual information, this is your jam. Props Brian McCullough.

Good and bad

Very informative podcast but can sometimes be panic inducing. Many many many facts in every episode.

Straight Shooting All the Way

Incredibly direct, non- emotional, responsible reporting- everything I could ask for in a precise, daily update about the pandemic. Brian is a spicy, no fuss, straight shooter- I so appreciate this podcast.

Best show on the planet

Thank you and your team for putting together fact based information that is extremely helpful for all of us. I recommend this program to everyone I know. May common sense reign, Thank you once again.

I like it!

I like it! Short, sweet, to the point, and informative.


Thanks for cutting to the chase.

We are doing what is suggested here which makes sense. agrees with lockdown and testing. Korean Model. We believe in the drive thru model. It will work.

Very helpful

I like the podcast because he reports on all the news concerning the virus. And that he s an independent and not tied to a network. Keep up th good work

Very Good except for Today

I agree with all the reviews that talk about this podcast being non bias and factual reporting that highlights what is helpful, not what is sensationalized. However, today, Saturday March 29 sounded like one who is suppose to be reporting taking the opportunity to solve the problem. Reporters really need to understand that this is not their job and an abuse of their platform. I’m not listening to hear what the reporter thinks should be done. Frankly, I really don’t care what reporters think at all. Their job is to simply report what other people are saying and doing. This one episode on what should or could be done has not been helpful at all!!! Please tell us what South Korea and other countries have done to help slow the spread. But who are you to say what the US needs to do based upon all these articles that you have saved?

Needed this, and we still do

Fact in an era of unmitigated totalitarian spin. This is also a critical part of the historical record. Could not be more important right now. Quick and easy digestible.

Thorough & Objective Reporting

I love this podcast because the host shares daily news about the Coronavirus from around the world without getting political or emotional. I watch and listen to a lot of media sources on the topic, and this one is far more comprehensive than most. And the tone of the reporting isn’t “doom and gloom” either as another reviewer stated - it’s simply factual. If you want someone to sugarcoat the world crisis go elsewhere. If you’re a realist and want the facts like I do, this is the podcast is for you!


Love the house fire. LOL If we don't isolate we will die. It's clear. Go ahead go out. It will just go around and around. It's 12-18 months. Get over it. What we need to know is who has already HAD it.

Awesome podcast

I love this podcast. Very informative and non-political! Thanks for all you do!

So grateful!

I am so grateful for this podcast. Without it, I was falling deep down the media rabbit hole and refreshing my browser every 10 minutes (which was actually not quick enough). These are scary times and I very much appreciate this fact based, non-bias, apolitical reporting of the important news of the day. Thank you!

Great digest of COVID-19 news

Does a fantastic job of culling through the daily news items to highlight the most important. As our understanding is quickly evolving, the reporting here is helpful in reminding us of necessary preventative measures; and adds cautions to stop the spread of misinformation. Keeps me up to date so I’m able to guide and help family & friends. Thank you. Stay informed & safe everyone! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


This is journalism at its finest. We sit each afternoon to listen to it as we shelter in place. I am a physician looking at the coming tsunami, trying to understand what is happening an how we managed to get here. This report is human, objective, and riveting.

Apolitical and Factual

This podcast covers daily news concerning COVID-19 in roughly 20-30 minutes. It is apolitical and solely covers the facts of the developing virus domestic and abroad. A great source if you need a brief overview of COVID-19 Monday-Friday.

Best Coronavirus updates

I’ve listen to a few of the coronavirus update podcasts and this one is by far the best. Not too long, not too short. Not just a bunch of random info.

To the point!

Like all the facts with reputable sources.

Relating Facts

Contrary to the ridiculous review by someone who is obviously a Pandemic Denier, I appreciate this podcast for relating facts and vital information. There has not been any sort of promotion of the Chinese government as somehow better than our own, only a presentation of facts. The fact is, that China has been able to greatly reduce new cases of Covid-19 by taking drastic measures. That’s neither good, nor bad, just fact. The fact is also that our own government has been dangerously slow in responding to this dangerous pandemic in any coherent or coordinated fashion. If you want daily FACTS, listen to this podcast and keep yourself informed. If you are in denial, then nothing anyone can do will change your mind, yet I still wish you all good health.

The Real Stuff

This is the best way to get all the COVID-19 updates, and it saves you a ton of time which would’ve otherwise been wasted sifting through fake articles. It is real accounts of real time stats. Love it!

Love it!

Love it!


I just started listening to this podcast, and it give you events in a concise, non-boring setting, and is an awesome way to start your day and keep informed!


Save yourself hour sifting through new articles, this podcast does it for you. Well presented round up of the day with the most relevant articles highlighted. Little hype just facts.

The best 15 minutes of my day!

Facts and information are the key to lessening panic. This podcast is critical to helping keep me informed of what’s going on. I am able to help those around me so much more using the information I get from this show.

Non-political essential facts and information

Absolutely the most clear and well curated daily breakdown of essential information. Download, listen and SHARE!

Fact checked updates

Credible sources with the information everyone needs to know right now. The updates and research change so rapidly, this has been the best and most efficient source for information. I live in Australia and I listen to this every day, so even when it’s a day behind for me it’s still been well worth listening to!

A Great Informative and Comforting News Source

For those wanting to stay informed but not be overwhelmed with the news all day, this is the perfect podcast.

Good source of info

Just started listening to this podcast. Seems to be good at updating us on the latest. Obviously this is a difficult situation to keep abreast of.

Great info

Very good info without the hype.

Thank you

So grateful to have good, concise information without politics!

Daily essential listening

Quick, well-produced, informative. I really like how the host always cites sources, and does not shy away from bad news – as long as it is properly cited. Another gem: I can follow up on any story via the links in the show notes. My only complaint: I need this information seven days a week. The virus doesn’t take the weekends off.

With your time!

This is an excellent podcast summarizing the latest news and information regarding the Covid19 Virus and it’s impact on us; our daily lives, business, and global impact.


This podcast is outstanding. I tell everyone about it. Please keep up the great work! The information is very beneficial.

Straightforward and Thorough

They pack each episode with the most current facts about the novel corona virus. Their detailed show notes are great for more info on each topic they cover. I listen to this show daily.

Highly recommend

Well researched & well presented summary of pertinent developments in COVID-19 pandemic. Very highly recommend for those with medical and non-medical background. I recommend to every friend and colleague I communicate with. Well referenced with links to sources. Worth the 15 minutes. Woudn't miss a single episode.

Tell Your Friends About This Podcast

Good presentation of what’s current and noteworthy. I can’t listen to it at 1.5x speed due to the volume of information. While it’s impossible to vet every piece of newly emerging data, host focuses on reputable sources. He also takes care to announce when there may be some questionable data. The best source of info I know. A flurry of info in a short (generally 20 min) episode. Tell your friends.

Thanks for the data driven research

Awesome podcast. Loads of facts and research.

A name you can trust

Brian has always been bringing the “Tech meme ride home” to us in a truthful informative way, that is why I’m adding this pod to my rotation.

Fantastic and timely

This podcast is full of clarification of information needed by all. I have found I needed to listen twice just to get all the data.

Review of Coronavirus Daily Briefing

Absolutely essential information based in evidenced based science with anecdotal bits. Also the notes and references in the show notes are excellent. Thank you so much for your invaluable reporting.

Academic straight forward information

A must listen to daily . It gives you all the academic truths with Legitimate information. No maybes..?? Or word of mouth. Please everyone listen to the realities up to date.

A steady voice in chaotic times

I’ve followed Brian’s other podcast, The Techmeme Ride Home, since it started and I know I can count on the information he’s sharing on this show. Stay informed. Stay healthy.

Subscribe !

Great - informative , factual and non biased .


For the Seattle doctor episode-they’re saying not everyone who has a concern needs to have a test. How does that impact an American’s eligibility to qualify for some of the new benefits that the government has rolled out to assist people who are sickened “by coronavirus” missing work. I wonder how that gray area will impact eligibility.


Thank you so much for providing us with all the information. <3

Concise information

Good concise information, enough to understand more about what’s going on. Very helpful.

Timely, to the point, useful

Brian from Techmeme Ride Home is doing a great job on this podcast.


This podcast has great information! The interview with the Seattle ER Doctor was the most accurate and honest depiction I’ve heard to date. His explanation as to why we have to social distance made perfect sense. Please do this podcast every day. We need this every day!

Trustworthy Coronavirus(covid19) news from my favorite tech podcast host!

I was so happy that Brian decided to do this podcast so I can come here everyday, stay informed, and I don’t have to wonder how reliable the information is. A++ Thank you Ride Home 🙏🏻

Excellent Reporting

I have spread the word to all my friends that if they want honest and cohesive reporting in a non-political and unbiased way but only through real data mining and research, this podcast should be heard.

Incredibly informative

This is a very ‘to the point’ podcast. First time I’ve found all the info I wanted in one spot

Informative and rational

Discovered this podcast only today and have binged the first week. The information in the podcast as well as the links have been extremely helpful. It’s nice to get straight facts and not talking heads with their own agendas. Some of the stories haves made me angry and others have been inspirational. Great way to get the latest news on the pandemic in one twenty minute or less podcast. I’ve recommended it already to friends via social media.


Clear and concise.

Helpful and informative

I appreciate this podcast for sorting through all the information out there and condensing it down to the most relevant points and facts.

Thursday, March 12

Kiddos! A much better listening experience today. Thanks

Essential listening


Very in tune with exactly what is going on

Open perspective, gives us the facts of the situation. Much appreciated!

A must listen

This podcast does a great job getting all the big Coronavirus news in a day in to a short concise show. Like the other RideHome podcasts there, is no better way to get quickly caught up on a subject than this. While this podcast is new, it follows a great format and so far the news is trustworthy and concise.

High signal, minimal noise

I appreciate Brian's editorial voice – condensing the facts down with only enough extra words to try to condense down what other trustworthy sources are saying. This podast saves me from spending 45 minutes a day skimming questionable news sites to try to learn where the disease is at.

Highly informative

Thank you for keeping us informed!

Knowledge is power

I love this podcast! I feel so much more at ease knowing what is actually happening and this podcast is so informative. They site their sources and are clear to point out 2nd hand info to avoid the rumerville. They are short and to the point and just enough info to get me up to speed.

Information is power

Thank you for your comprehensive and cohesive podcast. Having a collated source keeps me informed without unnecessary panic. You’re doing a great service by providing information without opinion. I’ll continue to share this podcast.


This is a great podcast very informative and not brainwashing! Just good information. Which is what we need. Thank you

Informative, succinct delivery of covid19 news

An effective consolidation of relevant info pertaining to the new virus. No editorializing, just info. Pretty crazy how ill prepared the US is for this.

Useful daily summary

I’ve listened to this podcast host for years covering tech. He’s done a great job compiling daily updates. Now, he and his team are doing the same thing for daily news about the COVID-19 pandemic. Nice to get a 20-minute daily update about something so important.

Great roundup.

Thank you so much for this daily, evidence-based compilation of COVID19 news. You save me hours of time previously spent reviewing twitter, articles, websites, etc, to keep up with this fast-moving virus. Also, by not constantly reviewing the news, my stress levels have decreased enormously. 🙏

Don’t Panic

Don’t Panic. Do stay Informed. Don’t touch your face. Do was your hands. Then put on your headphones and listen to this podcast.

Excellent way to stay informed!

Thanks for adding this Brian.

Very informative

Very informative

The info I need

Lots of info packed into a brief podcast. Best to be informed and prepared now instead of waiting until the virus spreads further.

Great, quick, just-the-facts, update!!!

Presented in the most non-sensationalistic style I have heard so far during this crisis. Actually ends up serving as a calming influence in my experience. Highly recommend!

Just what we need right now

A quick concise daily briefing on what we know today. No bull, just info.

Thanks for this

Best podcast I've found for staying up to date on COVID-19. I downloaded and installed Apple Podcasts just so I could leave this review (seriously, why can't other podcast apps add reviews to Apple's database)

Trusted Source

It’s nice to have a trusted, reliable source for information.

Trust This Source!

#TrustThisSource 👏👏

Just the facts ma’am

Excellent, objective info presented simply. Will be recommending to friends and family who are also feeling a bit anxious right now - knowledge is power!!

Best summation of what I need to know

As a parent I want to know what’s going on with this crisis. I need to be as informed as I can be to make sure I’m doing what I can for my kids. The concise format gives me what I need to know without trolling reddit and apple news for hours. Five star!