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It saddens me that this show has come to an end. My gut reaction was, I wish I could’ve done something to help keep the show going. Though, it sounds like Jackson made the right choice for him and his personal goals. Proud of you! Will continue keeping up through other platforms!

Super podcast

Fascinating and uplifting stories and need to brighten your day. I recommend it.

Name change@@

Kottke ride home is much better, unique, clever, attaching; this new name is quite cliché and, er, tacky..... LOL (haha) fortunately, the content is still unique, clever, and makes me paying attention, as always. thank you! (sorry typo)

Daily Burst of Joy

Fun and informative stories everyday with a wonderful host. Always look forward to listening at the end of my day!

My daily friend

I started with this podcast when it was daily corona virus update with another host but I am still listening and it brings joy to my daily life with all the all around news and updates. I wasn’t sure how much I liked it when hosts changed but I honestly can’t imagine the podcast without Jackson. This has been a constant in my lockdown life and it is going to be so strange to be on the other side of this pandemic. I already have moments of nostalgia when I hear the music and think about how strange the world was listening to this while wiping down groceries from the delivery company in the beginning of the pandemic. I am a listener for as long as this podcast resumes. It’s a highlight in my day and even if I miss a few I love binge listening to the ones I’ve missed.

I love the bite-sized stories!

Thank you for producing this so consistently.

Totally awesome!

Fun, informative and entertaining. Great host, great content!

New fave

This podcast still gets my ear time even though I don’t commute any more, which is the ultimate compliment in my world

Totally awesome!

Totally awesome daily podcast! Very fun, very informative. Great host, great content!

Uplifting interning stories of the day

Was not around for the COVID-19 shows but love the new direction. Keep it up!

You are awesome!

Coming on board from and loving it!

Love this!

Thank youuuu! :)

Thank God for this show

It is like my brain saying only the good thoughts. Thank you!!

Excellent content!

Fun, informational, well-curated, educational, and witty. I look forward to listening to this every day. It's a bright spot of news and perspective packed into a quick listening session. Well done.


Great content and part of my daily ritual. Thank you for your hard work!


Very up to date and informative podcast well sourced Fast forward through the ads if you don’t like them. So what. Just the right mix of medical data and layman’s terms. Well done!

What the heck!

Quit complaining about the host’s voice. Sped up the volume or slow it down if it’s too nasally or fast speed. YOU can adjust! Be grateful that this program shifts through many many hours to condense info for easy listening in a few minutes. Complain when you pay for something! This is free and so well worth it! And I think the host is great!

Love the new Format

Kept up the good work Love see a sports show.

Love this podcast

Since the Coronavirus began I’ve been listening to this podcast for my daily update on corona news, along with a few others . This one quickly became my favorite. I was a little freaked earlier this week when it was gone (or so I thought) Luckily it was just a name change. I’m liking the additional news that’s been added. Coronavirus isn’t going to last forever and I love the way they deliver the news. Thank you to all of the people that put this podcast together. I can’t even imagine the amount of time and research it takes to gather this kind of info on a daily basis. The one good thing about coronavirus is that I would have probably not discovered your podcast had you just launched a regular news podcast. Thanks again for the great content!

Fantastic podcast

I love this podcast. It’s consistently got the best information about COVID and distilled a ton of information into as little time as possible. I don’t mind the changes to include good news. I would be fine with just having a shorter podcast and skipping the good news, but it turns out that’s not hard: just stop listening when they transition away from the COVID stuff... The only thing that would make it better for me is to switch it back to a morning release. I recognize that’s harder on the delivery team so it may not be possible, but it would be nice. Anyway, keep up the good work!

My need is for your forward-looking COVID reporting

I still love this podcast but may listen less frequently if there’s too much non COVID news. Tuesday 5/12 podcast was still good (only ‘good news’ was cape honey bee story which was interesting, short and sweet - pun intended) but 5/11’s podcast not so much

New Changes

While I totally understand the decision to include some positivity at the end of the episodes now, I do wish the podcast released in the morning still. It was part of my daily routine and now that it doesn’t post until the afternoon it is much harder to schedule in and make time. Hope you can bring it back to its earlier start time.

Where did you go?

Hey, you’ve been my go-to first thing in the morning, every weekday since you began the podcast. What happened? Come baaack!!!


Aziz Ansari is that you? I swear to god it sounds like Tom Havaford! I hope John Raphio is doing alright in this crisis!

Valuable Podcast / Annoying Voice

I listen to this podcast but do not like, at all, the narrator’s voice.

Content is more important than voice timbre!

This is in a response to a previous reviewer- the complaint of a “nasal” voice I think is for an occasional host, not the usual one now. I don’t want to name names or complain about something that the speaker cannot control. The nasal speaker is one of the writers/editors of the podcast and this podcast gives a really, really excellent overview of world COVID-19/ coronavirus daily news and I think it’s worth the slightly hard to listen to voice on occasion. Excellent job, podcast writers, reviewers, editors and hosts!


This is one of the most comprehensive compilations/summarizations of the previous day’s biggest headlines regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Stay informed! Listen daily! Stay safe!

Best COVID podcast around

Always the newest updates and science-based breakthroughs. Thank you for your service!

Trapped in this house

Real quick update: one thing I hate about the ads in this podcast? Talk space therapy as where he says “match with your PERFECT THERAPIST”. As a therapist in substance abuse, It is a fact that there is no such thing as “your perfect therapist”. Reason? We are all people. People will never be perfect!! Please stop saying this! Thank you for helping me not only get answers and info about what’s going on but I’ve been looking forward to your podcast every day while I am TRAPPED IN THIS HOUSE! lol. With kids doing soooo much schoolwork I might add lol thank you!! Keep it up and possibly consider airing on weekends cause, let’s face it, there is no distinction between weekday and weekend right now.


Exactly what I have been looking for. A daily summary of notable headlines and developments coupled with insightful analyses and interpretations where useful. Everything is presented with clarity and simplicity, giving you a high yield of information for each ~30 minute episode. I also look forward to browsing their subreddit. Thank you all for your work.