June 22, 2019

(Bonus) CoinDesk's Brady Dale On Libra and the "Crypto Spring"

Well, given the news of the week, I knew we needed to do a deep dive on Libra, so I called up our friend Brady Dale at CoinDesk and we get into it. What do crypto folk think of Libra? Is he surprised by the governmental backlash? And since by the time you hear this, bitcoin might already be back above $10k dollars? Are we out of the crypto winter and into crypto spring? Sponsors: PaintYourLife.com: Text the word TECH to 48-48-48 Rhone.com/ride promocode RIDE at checkout Subscribe to the ad-free premium feed!

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Brady Dale


Brady Dale is a senior reporter at CoinDesk. He has worked for the site since October 2017 and lives in Brooklyn.