Brady Dale


Brady Dale is a senior reporter at CoinDesk. He has worked for the site since October 2017 and lives in Brooklyn.

Crypto DAOs

(TWTR SPC) What Is A DAO? With @BradyDale

Feb. 12, 2022

What is a DAO? How do they function? What is the history of this idea? Why have DAO's become so popular all of the sudden, and what are some examples of successful DAOs? The great Brady Dale from @DefiantNews joins Chris and…

Guest: Brady Dale

(Bonus) Friday 03.26 Clubhouse Room

March 27, 2021

So, as I said, this is one of the clubhouse rooms we did this week. In fact, it’s the one from last night. Chris convinced me to split the two rooms into two episodes, so I’m releasing this one, from Friday first, and tomorr…

Guest: Brady Dale
Crypto NFTs

(Bonus) What Are NFTs? With CoinDesk's Brady Dale

March 6, 2021

I don’t think this one requires any in depth intro. The great Brady Dale of Coindesk, walks us though the whole NFT phenomenon. What are NFTs? How do they work? Why are people so crazed about them at the moment?

Guest: Brady Dale

(Bonus) What Is DeFi? With CoinDesk's Brady Dale

Oct. 17, 2020

I don’t think I’ve made any bones about the fact that I blow hot and cold on crypto. Sometimes I grow frustrated that it always seems to be a lot of sound and fury, ultimately signifying nothing. Or at least, not amounting t…

Guest: Brady Dale

(Bonus) Year-End Checkin On Crypto With Brady Dale of @coindesk

Dec. 14, 2019

For the final weekend bonus episode of the year, I wanted to check in with Crypto. What a year for the space! Seemingly dead at the beginning of the year. But then the Crypto Spring™ happened. And then Libra happened. And so…

Guest: Brady Dale

(Bonus) CoinDesk's Brady Dale On Libra and the "Crypto Spring"

June 22, 2019

Well, given the news of the week, I knew we needed to do a deep dive on Libra, so I called up our friend Brady Dale at CoinDesk and we get into it. What do crypto folk think of Libra? Is he surprised by the governmental back…

Guest: Brady Dale

State of Crypto With Coindesk's Brady Dale

March 10, 2019

Sometimes the bonus episodes are for getting news in areas that I might have missed or might not have made our show, but I still find interesting. This week I reached out to Brady Dale of Coindesk, because I know he’s a list…

Guest: Brady Dale