March 7, 2020

(Bonus) Inside Facebook with Steven Levy

I’ve said before, Steven Levy is the dean of the tech writers. All the way back in 1984 his classic book Hackers defined a tech space that wasn’t even fully aware of itself yet. Steven has written book length histories and examinations of Apple and Google, and now, with his new book, Facebook: The Inside Story, he finally tells the full Facebook story for the first time. Not the movie version, but the real story of how Facebook became Facebook from the earliest days at Harvard through the rise to 2 and a half billion users. It is, as I tell him, the best tech book I’ve read in years. If you want to fully understand Facebook, or just how a modern startup works or how a modern tech behemoth functions and sees itself in the world, I cannot recommend this book more highly.

Buy the book here.